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White Stars or Red?

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A few days ago, I ran across a message on this forum that referred to both Kneissl Red Stars and White Stars.

This caused me to fondly remember a pair that I used to use in the early '80's that were great on ice, but which have been sitting out in my shed since then. I can't remember which model they are, so I went out and took a look.

Well, all I get is more confused: the topskin is mostly red with white lines, white text, and a big white star on the shovel. Sounds like a white star, right? Maybe not - the giant letters, "RS" (red star?) cover the tail of the skis.

Some more info: the SN is 92010069, the waist is about 67 mm and the tip is about 87 mm. These particular skis are 200's.

Help! Can any of you other old-timers tell me which model these are and maybe even their exact vintage?



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The RS is Rhine Slalom (Giant Slalom) not Red Star....

Ott Gangl is the expert there and there is a post of his (with pictures) that may help...

now.... how to track this in the archive???
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Thanks, Yuki. At least that clears up one bit of confusion.

I used the search function to try to find any relevant posts, but wasn't very successful. Even just searching on the one word, "Kneissl", only turned up a handful of hits, none of which were very useful.

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The Rhine is a German river.
Riesen slalom is German for giant slalom.
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I remember the White Stars as being all white, so I suspect that if there's a lot of red on the topskin they may indeed be Red Stars - I seem to recall those as being their GS (or RS) model. They also had a (softer) Blue Star model, I believe. Another thing I (think I) recall is that the White Stars were the 1st skis to break the $200 MSRP barrier sometime in the late 60's!

BE the skis!
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I recall the color of the star being equivelant to the name of the ski. The Red Star had a red star, the White Star had a white star, and ditto for the Blue Star. None of the skis were completely mono-chromatic. I'd place my bets that they are White Stars. RS being German for Giant Slalom (GS)<FONT size="1">

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"I recall the color of the star being equivelant to the name of the ski."

Hmm! I've changed my mind - I agree with JohnH!

BE the skis!
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I think Tominator's memory is better than mine, but I had a pair of Red Star's that were mostly red topsheet I don't remember the color of the star on the tip. HOpefully Ott can tell us the color of the stars. You're right, RS is 'Reisen Slalom", Giant Slalom. I remember owning a pair of 180 cm "Short Star's" in the late 70's that were wider in the waist than many of today's all mountain ski's with a fairly straight side cut. They skied pretty good in most stuff on Mt Hood, even Sierra Cement. The worked good in Moltorpor Ski Bowl's Upper Bowl moguls too. I got a lot of kidding from other instructors for the "kiddy ski's" until they tried them. Even taught GLM on them and they worked fine.

Ah--the memories-!! What goes around comes around??

"Do not go gentle into that good night!
Rage, Rage, against the dying of the light!"
Dylan Thomas

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They sound like White Stars to me. I don't remember exactly what year it was, but I had a pair of White Star SL's that were red with grey lettering and a white star on the tip. I think that the RS's from that season were also red. It was probably about 1985. I also had a pair of Red Star Superflex of the same approximate year that were white. Go figure. I don't recall that the Red Stars of that vintage were available with the "RS" or "SL" designation, as they were considered to be more of a recreational line compared to the White Star which was the top of the line for performance. I had several pairs of the RS starting with the ones that had the graph paper cosmetic in about 1981. They were all great skis for the time, especially on ice.

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If anyone recalls the post by Ott, it was had some photos in younger days.... one of those was with red or white stars and he comments on this.
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I searched for his photos & couldn't find anything. Maybe he'll chime in, but its sounding more and more likely that my skis are "White Stars". All I know is that they were among the best ice skis I ever had (albeit for old skidded technique, not carving). Geeze, all this talk about them is tempting me to get the surface rust off and take them out for a spin next season.

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I skied from 59 to 76. I bought a pair of Kneissl Riesen Slaloms in 1964. At the time, in the Mount Hood area, they were the hot ski. Anyway it was NOT a Red Star or White whatever. The ski was red with white graphics and had a lime green bottom. I think they were 210's. Good skis for the time. Sold them fall of 64 when surfing became an obsession.

John Brewer
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Wow. John Brewer, or should I say Rip Van Threadgill: your post just set a new world record for the most leisurely online discussion: nearly 7 years between posts!

I remember Kneissl Blue Stars as well as a couple of other skis targeted to "improving skiers:" specifically, Head Masters and Rossignol Stratix. [tinfoil hat]Funny how all of these skis were somehow associated with the color blue. Stratix (Stratices? Stratae?) topsheets were colored blue, and Masters had the blue ptex bases and the blue engraved name on the topsheet. I think it was some sort of marketing conspiracy[/tinfoil hat]
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I think they are Red Stars. They were the first ski I had with fiberglass and hidden edges. I worked all summer at $1.25/hr. to buy them and some Lange Pro's. White Stars were 200, Red Stars 180, Blues 160. I got mine new in mid summer, for $124. It was the first time I saw of the summer markdowns on skis, before that they always went for full retail.

In 1969:

Red Stars were red with a white star. White Stars were white with a black star. Blue stars were blue with a white star.

Red Stars came in the RS or Sl model. RS stand for Riesen slalom, or GS. The sl had a mm or so more sidecut. Many racers used the Red Star, even though the White Star was more expensive. I used the sl, in a 200. I was 13 and weighed 118 lbs.

The best of the line, according to my Austrian insiders of the time, were the early White Stars. They had no Alu t top edge, which aparently sapped some snap from the ski.

They had yellow bottoms with a black strip covering the screws on the edges. The black was soft and easy to gouge. The yellow was a good porous ptex, and took on the color of the wax nicely.

I used them one season, they broke, they replaced them and my father took them, while I moved onto K2's. Thet ended up on the wall of a NH ski shop.

In later years they jazzed up the plain monocolor graphics. Post a picture, and the bears will ID it.
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I still have a pair of 205 Red Star SL in my garage, circa 1972. They are a two-tone scheme, with white down the center and red around the top edges. My stepdad had some Blue Stars with a similar blue/white color scheme. A friend had an earlier Red Star SL that was all red with a white star. If I can get a proper ski transport thingy, I'd like to clean them up and take them out once or twice next year.
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Newfydog is correct. I still have a pair of 205cm Red Stars in my garage. Red topsheets with a white star on the tips. They were like skiing on 2 X 4's, had to work 'em hard. I went to 207cm Strato 102's and never looked back. It was like going from a truck with no suspension to driving a Cadillac.

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Upon further rcollection, the Red Stars of the early 70's had a red and white top. I can't remember what the white stars had. When they abandonned the monocolor tops, they went to black bottoms (not yellow), and in a fit of really stupid maketing, determined to kill the brand, they ran ads reading SOOT: why it makes the base better.
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