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Are there any other skiers that think of skiing in this fashion? Is it the way to creating dynamic shaped carved turns in all conitions? Any takers Experts.I am still working out the bugs,sometimes too much or not enough outside ski pressure at the wrong time or not enough CoM movement through the turn constantly. Practice makes perfect.
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I don't understand the question, but I do enjoy pushing the performance limit at times. 
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I'm not quit sure myself Ghost. Skiing with a purpose means with determination and prowness in your movements. Grabbing a gear at just the right RPM and gas'n on it.
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Skiing is a lot like riding a motorcycle.  Some of it is just enjoying gliding down the hill like a ride through the country side with the motor purring away, and some of it is maximizing the acceleration, red-lining through the gears and playing at the edge of traction as you exit a corner that you slid around at full lean having barely been able to brake into.

It's all good, but it's the high performance that resonates in my mind and memory the most right now, and it's perfectly legal without needing a racing license.
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