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I've been looking at boots, and there is one review on here which is pretty much with all the other info on the web with it.

They really seem like my kinda product.

What do you boot fitters think?

Feel free to trash talk or what not, if it has to be a PM, bring it on. I wanna know more about this boot.

The last post on the forums was almost 3 years ago. So, whats the new info?
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big money, works well, very experianced staff  (and that is the key thing, not just the brand)  Think more the craftsman, less the tools, starting products.  Stand behind the product very well too.

for most of the skiing public, most off the rack/wall boots can be made to fit fine, but the daleboot customers (for the most part) love the product.
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Thanks for the Info Dave.
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I was really hoping to get more info here. 1 post, no PM's?


Not looking to flame or blackmail anyone. Just want the info.

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experiecne pretty much as Dave says, they work well for some not so well for others, in the past over here we used to see a lot of dissatisfied customers, now there is a new guy dealing with them it works much better
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