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need help with sizing for Jr Racer -- Rossignol Boot

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My son is a 10 year old J5 racer who is now in a 20.5 Radical 60 boot (skis on 130 SL and 145 GS skis).  He's about 4'5" and around 72 pounds.  He's a regular on the "podium" and is a very good racer, and competes well against much older skiers.

His coach wants to move him up 5 cm on both his SL and GS skis next year (he's been on the 130's for slalom for 2 yrs).  He's a "small" kid for his age, but he's very strong for his age, and very agressive and skilled (in skiing and everything else).

I was thinking of moving him into the Radical Pro 70 boot, but I see the smallest size is a 3. 

The question is, what is a 3, as compared to a 20.5?  At the rate he grows, moving up one size in boot is all we can expect from him, so I don't know what a 3 means in terms of the size jump from 20.5.  He'll probably be around 4'7" and certainly under 80 lbs next season.  As a first year J4, he will be trying to qualify for the JO team in his region. 

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can you wait until next year and see what he fits then?


odds are size 3 = 265 to 270mm.   Best to use the boot sole length, and not mondo, or UK/ US sizes

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See if you can find the boot (model and company) in that size now and check shell fit.  In the end shell fit is everything.

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that boot is a 266 sole.  it is one size up from a 20.5 in fit not theory if that makes sense - same situation for my own son, sl length too with a 149 GS and he is a podium K1( J4 in USA).  make sure you install a booster strap and its good to go for that weight range.

go fast,
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im not sure what you mean by a Booster Strap?  Are you talking about putting it on the Rossi 60 boot that does not come with a strap?  Or on the Radical 70 boot (which I'm pretty sure has a strap)?  Thanks.
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for a lot of people booster strap = better then the ones that comes with the boot
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Another question, does the Rossignol Radical 70 jr boot have a bolt or screw in the back that can be removed if it needs to be softened up?  Is there other things that can be done to the boot to soften it if necessary?  I am confident that it will fit fine, but less confident about the flex.  If I know the flex can be changed down, then I'm less nervous about buying the boot.  I have no doubt that ne will not need a stiffer boot, so that is not a concern at all.

He uses the Axium jr race bindings.  I'd like to use those bindings next year.  If the Radical 70 in size 3 is adult boot norm, can I use the Axium binding?  Do i remove something on the Axium binding so the adult sole (if it indeed is an adult sole, which I think it is) fits correctly?  Or do i need the Axial 2 jr race binding?
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