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stumbled across this
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interesting site. will have to check back when the videos go online. Looks like some pretty strong authors and writers. In the problems area they give all kinds of symptoms/problems but how do you know that the symptom is without someone with a good eye watching you. then I notice that they suggest you take lessons or consult an instructor for guidence or checks. Then they give the oops line.. "Believe us -- practice does make perfect"
That after saying you should have an instructor make sure you are doing the drills correctly. Maybe we should go over there and point out bob's line. "practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanence. Perfect practice makes perfect"
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also seems odd that there is no ADVANCED level - did i miss it? - between INTERMEDIATES and EXPERTS.
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No advanced allowed! If you don't make a quantum leap from intermediate to expert, you are not skier material! Ha Ha Ha..

I noticed that too but then again if you look in the expert area there are a lot of "advanced" drills. also in the problem area, there are a lot of advanced problems in the expert area. Maybe it's to build your ego some and make you think "Hey, according to this site I'm an expert!"
However that doesn't make too much sense either because in the area about how to select an instructor, it says be honest about your ability...

Hmmm conundrum..

I guess I just don't fit in because I am not an expert.. I'm just a skier on a journey towards expertise...
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What is this? Is this a classic drill? whats the purpose? It seems to me Id be a SCREAMING STARFISH in no time trying this "pat your head and rub your tummy" move...

I try hard to AVOID whacking myself with my poles....
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