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Falcon 10 - something has changed - Ouch!

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I have a pair of Falcon 10's I bought about 2 1/2 years ago and have about 70 days in them.  I absolutely love them, they're the best boot I've owned and they fit like a glove right out of the box

However over the last 4 days I've used them I have started to get a pain on the inside front of my right ankle as the day goes on, just ahead of the ankle bone.  The boots don't seem to be rubbing, and don't feel like they've really packed out.  It seems to get much worse if I ride the inside edge a lot - like traversing to the left to get to a stash.  No problems with the left foot.

I know I need to get to a boot fitter, but I'm leaving today on a business trip, and leave the morning after I get back for a trip to Utah.

Nothing is obviously loose on the cant or cuff adjustments, but I am looking for ideas on what to try to adjust myself.  And no, you going to Utah in my place won't work either

Thanks in advance for any help.
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maybe the footbed needs some more support on that side?  try some other footbeds, or a small shim, under the footbed, on the inside, below the heel.
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I have to ask----do you have custom insoles????
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Despite the fact they don't feel packed out or loose your ankle is obviously hitting the shell on the medial side.  Pull the liners out, put your feet in the shells with your heels all the way back and look where your ankles are close to the shells and get them punched there.  While in Utah see Steve Bagley in Snowbird.

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Thanks for the input guys.

No I don't have custom footbeds in these boots.  I had a set in my old Rossignol Course KX's (boot fitter Paul Richelson, Plymouth NH), but when I got these boots they fitted so well that I didn't move the footbeds over.

Perhaps I don't understand, but the pain is not on the ball of the ankle.  It is just in front of it where it comes back to the foot.  The ankle bone (ball) doesn't have any redness.  Not sure why it started after 20 days this season, but I tried a thicker sock and it didn't make a difference.  It's more noticeable on hard pack days and when I have to load the edges more (traverses).

Unfortunately I will only be in Utah for a couple of days (driving from Reno) so won't have time to see someone.  I'll bring my old footbeds and give them a try though.

If the cuff moved in or out (vertical plane), could it cause something like this?
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 As you break in / down the liner of the boot you need to buckle tighter which will decrease the space in the front of the ankle. Your insoles will help but you may need a shell punch as well. This is a common problem and it does not take long for a competent bootfitter to do. No need to ski in pain.
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in reno, bud heishman @ snowind sports, easy on and off 395. get it done on your way out of town. arrive in utah ready to ski.

1. footbed
2. ankle dorsiflexion issue, change of ramp angle?
3. neoprene tongue shim, or eliminator tongue
4. padding around point of pain to re-distribute pressure on the bone
5. stategic punch to re-distribute pressure on the bone

one or all of the above may be needed to solve your problem.

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