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Any recommendations where to go for late season skiing - Mar 20 - 27th

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We live in Florida and my husband (the skier) always wants to take at least two ski trips a year. It looks like our next trip isn't going to be until Mar 20-27th. I am looking for recommendations for areas that will probably still be ski-able at that time.

We already hit Keystone and Breck in Jan and Crested Butte and Solitude last year.

I'm a nature writer/photographer so love areas that I can get out and see some wildlife while hubby skis. Right now, I'm thinking of either Jackson Hole, Big Sky or Sundance (although it worries me that I can't find any rave reviews about skiing in Sundance).

Any recommendations or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Betsy S. Franz
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Look for areas that have big snow bases and do well in the spring.  Tony Crocker puts out a lot of info, see the link http://webpages.charter.net/tcrocker818/

Jackson, Colordao and Utah are behind the historical averages (except southern Colorado which is above average) but have gotten some snow recently.  Most of the Sierra are above average and you may want to check out Mammoth.  I would look at Mammoth, the LCC in Utah, Snowmass and Vail.

Good luck.
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Thanks. Mammoth is too expensive to fly to. I might check out Colorado again but most of the good places are pretty far from the airport. After a 6 hour flight, it stinks to have to drive another couple of hours to get to a resort.
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I would fly into SLC.  You have the BCC resorts (Solitude/Brighton) and LCC resorts (Alta/Snowbird).  At that time the three PC resorts would also still be open though at lower elevations the skiing might not be as good....then again if the weather is right they can all be spectacular!  You could also hit several other UT resorts if the weather is right (Snowbasin. etc).  I would think the wildlife in UT (Mormons) would be good also....just kidding! 

I guess you could also get down to Sundance although the skiing isn't as good as the resorts closer to SLC.
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 Mammoth has great deals after April if you are interested.
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How about the Banff areas? 

Lake Louise, and Sunshine should be awesome about that season, and there is nature and wildlife.
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I just did a thread on this exact same subject (http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/90780/help-with-where-to-go-for-the-best-skiing-in-late-march-early-april-please-help-a-newbie-out/30#post_1186119).  Basically, from my research, either go to Summit County in Colorado or The Cottonwood Canyons in Utah.  All the info is on the thread as well as some more details on the Cottonwoods.

Good Luck
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while this year we are going to utah but will second notion about sunshine village, stay on the mountain for pure ski experience, stay in banff to experience the skiing and incredibly beautiful canadian rockies nature and all, snow cover at sunshine is awesome at this time, louise is also good but usually sunshine is better for snow at this stage.
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Utah is donw on total snowfall this year but the have still gotten over 300 "! Plus from my limtited experience March and April can be very snowy months. Since the snow has been on and off so foar this year I am gonna guess that there are at least a few big dumps coming the way of the Cottonwoods.

I'm there again 3/12-16 and maybe again after that even. The skiing there is great and powder can still be found if you know where to look.
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I have to admit, that at this point, those who warned me about Snowbird were right (sorry I did not heed your warnings).  This is NOT a beginners mountain. It is not even an aspiring intermediate mountain.  Maybe it was the 15 - 20 inches of powder that I have never skied on before (only maybe an inch in Tahoe), but I must say that ALL the greens I have ran into are definitely blues anywhere else.  Chickadee barely classifies as a bunny slope.  We will see how the story changes.  I have a feeling this will make me a better skier, but the first day was fun mixed with a lot of misery and face-planting.  My wife, she quit twice during the day.  Hoping things will be better.

HOWEVER, this place is BEAUTIFUL.  What a gorgeous range of mountains!
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if mammoth is too expensive to fly in to, fly into reno.

tahoe is 45 minutes to and hour and half away, depending on which side of the lake you want,
or mammoth is 3 hours...

the eastern sierra or tahoe is a photog's dream...

and the sierra is known for it's spring skiing...
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