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Krypton Cross liner

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Dear Boot Guys,

I've read many of the Krypton Cross threads and here's where I'm at.

I just started using my new Krypton Cross (Black / Saffron) (26.5) this season.
I purchased them new a number of years ago and just started using them... yes, very slow to make the switch from my previous boots.

I have 11 days on them now.
I have the TRUFIT CERAMICS liners.

I had them professionally fitted by a fitter found on most of the lists.
During fitting, he switch the stock footbeds with slightly better ones he had left over from another fitting.
I have installed the cants and this made a big difference flatting my skis to the snow.

Here are my issues:

1. My inside ankle in one boot is a real hot spot.  My ankle is still tender 7 days after 6 straight days of skiing.  I would guess that the issue is the seam in the liner just above the ankel, where the plastic starts.

2. I am use to have my toes spread out on the footbed.  The liner seems too short and too narrow to allow this.  (Note, my heal and ankle are probably disproportianly narrow compared to how I like my toes spread.)  To try and get more toe room, after the first two days I cut off the footbeds just before the balls of my feet.

More on my toes.  I use a roller blade boot with an Intitution liner for my front slalom water ski binding.  When molding this liner I wore four athletic socks over my toes and cut off at the balls of my feet to create the toe room I wanted.  This might be similar to the neoprene "toe cap" that I read about pro fitters using.

I guess my questions are:
Can the TRUFIT CERAMICS be worked on to meet my needs?
Or, should I just make the change to Intitution/Dalbellos?  If yes, where do I purchase them and is this in the wheel house of any boot fitter?

More questions about the ID liners.  Seems like I would want the "silvers?"
Also, right now, I have the top buckle of the boots set to the narrowest setting possible and it is just tight enough.  Would ID liners create move volume in the upper shell or with this become a new issue.

Any words of wisdom about my questions or something I'm forgetting to ask?

Thanks for your time,

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the ankle thing and possibly the toes sounds like the foot is pronating and hiting the shell in various places, my first port of call would be to have a better footbed made...doesn't matter what brand just get a fitter who is good and they can make the right think for you

the liner can be worked, but it may be better to move to the intuition or similar...most fitters will carry a liner of similar type, maybe a different brand

the clips of the cuff of the boot can be moved if required so i wouldn't worry about this too much

remember we can't see your feet so all of the above may not work, that is where getting to a good fitter will solve your issues

good luck
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