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I am looking to buy used, and keep the budget under $300 total, for boots, skis, and bindings.  Correct me if I am wrong, but for the first couple years at a minimum, I really don't have a use for poles.


Beginner, intermediate, expert, racing -- if I find a pair of any of the later 3 for a good price, will this inhibit or slow the progression of my learning?


When a ski is sold without a binding, does it have the mounting platform for the binding on it, or does that come with the binding?


The pair I used was "approximately" a "13" I was told, which is my shoe size.  Without tucking my wicking layer in, they felt rather loose -- snug on my leg, but I could easily wiggle my entire foot.  What parts of the lower leg and foot should the boot fit snug too?


Please keep in mind that what I want to do is learn and excel in alpine skiing -- I think fast is fun, but I would rather learn how to ski the best I can, put my time in, and if I need the faster skis for racing , that would happen when it needs too -- which I know will not be in the next 3 years.

Thank you very much, for any and all help!