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Originally Posted by pfblack View Post

Maybe with the boot work going on some of that wedging will disappear, then I will have no more excuses, only pilot error.  In related news, for those laughing at the Supershapes, a nice pair of 888s have arrived and bindings are being mounted.  Should be a fun new experience although I need to find a replacement frontside (<14m ) carver, the Supershapes have decambered and are most likely slightly bent
They probably decambered due to your beefcake-ness.  You need to turn to the darkside and start cycling more. I need someone to keep up with me on the road bike.
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Wait a sec the only talking in the whole film is "pay back"!! LOL That guy shouldda be yelling karma LOL. I didn't say it was me and I never saw the face so ya cant prove it !! LOL
Vince, that camara seemed to work really well for ya and I like the choice of the music on the Video ( you must be way older then you look) I am glad you chose to hang out with the group of old fuddie duddies ( ya JohnL thats you too)
Songfta we would push your green beast anytime ( mine got pushed the next day)
Now it seems LS has booked a CSIA development day during the Hawaii Lua roast snow thing so I guess we wount make that one ( too bad I would love to) Im in Texas this week then booked close to home the next week but maybe I can get away for a day at Timberline the following week (the one befor the Hawaii Lua roast snow thingy)
Anyway thanks again all for a great time and Im contimplating getting a helmet so I can mount a camera on it!!
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Hey Old Boot, The Crazie Family will be in Davis WV to ski Timberline, Canaan and Whitegrass the week of March 6-13. PM me for details.

I hadda blast skiing with you and ladyS.

How 'bout that gold total, right up there, eh?

Your short track boys got the benefit of the head ref's  decision (who happens to be Canadian also) and the women's hockey  gold was well earned but the USA men will get hockey gold tomorrow.
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FYI, I recently put 4 or 5 of my best (not previously posted in epic) photos from this event into this thread:

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Come on out to this year's Blue Knob Gathering Feb. 26-27, 2011.

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