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 I recently purchased some Tecnica Agent 110s and found the liners too soft but the flex felt good.
My local shop didn't carry the Dragon 110 so I purchased the Dragon 120.  Much improved liner, but even with the rivets removed, they are still too stiff.  
The Dragon 120 liners in the Agent 110 shell are perfect, but if I could find a pair of new Dragon 110s in a 26.0 or 26.5 at a reasonable price, I would be willing to buy them and sell the Agents with the liners.
I'm not looking for fitting or customer support since I will be using heat fit liners/custom footbeds, heaters, etc.  So if anyone knows of a shop with these boots in these sizes, I would appreciate a pm.  
I spoke with Tecnica and they are sold out of these sizes this year.
Any info appreciated.