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5 Year Old Snowboarder?

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We're going skiing next month and taking our four kids who will all be skiing for the first time. Only thing is that my 5.5 year old wants to snowboard. He's sort of a wanna be adrenalin junkie - we go to the local skate park and bmx track a lot but he doesn't actually do either yet. Anyway, I grew up skiing and only snowboarder once and I have it in my head head that he should learn to ski first. However, I have no real basis for this thought and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice? If there's no reason to have him ski first, then I'd rather have him do he thing he wants to do.
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Hi Mom! (always wanted to say that on a forum) Welcome to Epic.

I've taught a 3YO to "ride". He had a blast. But it was a very controlled experience. Many Burton learn to ride programs accept children as young as 3 for first time lessons. However, there are many schools that prefer kids to be 7 or 8 years old before learning to ride. The primary reason for this is that kids develop from the middle out. At age 5, kids do not typically have the motor skills or strength to control the snowboard with ankle movements. It's possible for 5YO kids to have a successful riding experience with the right gear and the right program. But it's much easier to have success on skis. If your child had already been skateboarding successfully, I'd say find one of the Burton LTR resorts that accepts younger children and go for it. Otherwise, it's probably smarter to ski for at least a couple of seasons first and start skating next summer. Find some YouTube clips of park rats who've switched from boards to skis if you need some leverage.
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