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Well after some use and some research on boot fit, I wish they were  a size smaller (with this pair)

I have 30.5, and the last width is 104mm

Now that the liner has "packed out" a bit to the shape of my foot, and stretched to fit the shell, I can tell that I could wear

29.5, in a similar type boot (thick liner)

and if a race boot truely has a much thinner liner, a 28.5 in one

The last width for me (assuming the race liner is actually thinner) should be around 100mm in my boots, and with a thinner liner, probably 94-96 with a bit of grinding (I'm assuming this is done with a dremel) next to the little toe)

Big lesson learned -- lucky me it was a $190 mistake.

Off to the hobby store for high density foam to make them fit more snug.