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We don't have much of a chance to demo skis here so I need to cut down on my choices.

I ski mostly piste but from hard packed to sun softened up to 6 inches deep spring crud and I like to play a little in the moguls but not aggressive. I don't need an all mountain ski but I really like to carve AND play in the off piste and spring stuff a little. I like to use a wide variety of turning styles as well. skidding, carve short long etc.
I'm 51 and still ski well but my knees won't take a carving sub-racing ski yet i don't want a soft ski that won't carve a good fast turn. I guess I need a more all round ski that isn't an all mountain ski.

Where should I start to limit my choices? Skis tested so far Head Icon 80 and Elan Speedwave 14 (liked these more) right now I ski a 3 year old Rossignal Zenith 5 but need better.