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First trip to UTAH

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 I plan on taking the family to Utah the last week in March or the first week in April.  I know we will be skiing/boarding most of the time, but I need some ideas on other activities as my daughter likes to make a few runs down the slope then sit by the fire.  My kids are 11 and 13.  I will need ski in/ski out and also looking for suggestions on places to stay.  Thanks in advance.  Also not looking for any too advanced, so a good mix of greens and blues is a plus.
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Check Solitude.

Everyone will like it.
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Where do you want to stay?  Are you looking for a hotel, condo, rented timeshare?  Park City, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Little Cottonwood Canyon?  Are you planning on staying at one resort the entire time or do you want to go to different resorts?  Are you driving or renting a car?  What's your price range?  A ski-in/ski-out in Utah is kind of vague.
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If you're looking for ski in ski out in a village setting with off hill activities I think Solitude and Park City are your best options, although that time of year I think conditions will be much better at Solitude. If your just looking for great skiing for your family from a ski in ski out location I'd go Alta.
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I will be there around that time also.  This topic seems to be a popular one.  In this thread http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/90780/help-with-where-to-go-for-the-best-skiing-in-late-march-early-april-please-help-a-newbie-out/30#post_1186119
Some of the characteristics, benefits and drawbacks of these resorts are discussed there.

I would strongly recomment you talk to the guys at snowbird.  For ski in and ski out, they have the best prices, especially if you get their package with lift tickets and transfers.

Good Luck.
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We have been to Alta (this January) and are going back for first 3 days in April, but before that based on suggestions of folks here, going to Solitude, and right now plan is to hit Deer Valley too just before we head into Solitude for 3 days or so. Going with my 6 year old who is a pretty solid skier, experienced with big-mountain skiing. Objective is to stay in ski-in/ski-out so can recommend from experience Alta Lodge (great for kids, have a kids program where they have their dinner at 530pm and then hang out with young staffers till 8pmish) and going to try out Inn at Solitude at Solitude. For Deer Valley, lodging still up in the air. Note nothing is that inexpensive though Alta you get half-board, i.e. breakfast and dinner included (there is a 15% service charge plus a hefty 10+% sales tax all additional) but the Alta Lodge was great with my boy as was the instructor. We had a blast. Folks here have recommended Solitude for kids, so we are going there too. Deer Valley is just to experience those famous groomers.

In terms of deals, Snowbird is the best but in the words of the highly respected and experienced Mr Bob Peters on this forum(look for threads on steepest slopes, extreme slopes etc) , Snowbird is the consistently steepest mountain he has ever skiied and the man lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He knows his slopes and terrain with remarkable precision, something to think about.
ps: Dad is an intermediate skier.
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