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Newbie help with skis.

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Hey there, I am 42 yrs. old 6 ft and 175 lbs. I am just learning and LOVE it!!!!!! I am from New Orleans and ski the southeast, mostly Gatlinburg. I'm starting to be able to handle the blues and am looking for a ski that will handle these conditions and turn well. I am not worried about skiing fast but just having a nice ride down the hill and enjoying the day with my family, something stable and fun. Probably would like to get some good used ones off of ebay, any recommendations. Thanks, Ben.
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How are your boots?  I would look at spending money their first but if you already have good boots than what you're looking for in skis is fairly easy.  Their are a lot of good skis in the 75mm to 85mm waist that would fit your needs.  K2, Volkl, Nordica, etc., all make decent skis.  Best place to start looking is Ski or Skiing Mag web site and use their ski selector to start your search. 

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Thanks Bob4snow, I have some Salomon Xwave 880 boots. After much reading on here I think I have narrowed my choice to either some Fischer rx8 or rx6. Y'all give me some opinions and what size I should go with. I know some say the rx8 may be too much ski for me but I have read where some people say you'll grow into it? Please help.


Thanks, Ben.

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I'm 50, 5'8" and 155lbs, level 9 so we're in the same range.  If you get a ski that's to little for your level, you'll be replacing it in a year or two.  BUT if you get to much ski, you can have terrible time with it and never have any progress.  If you like the Fischer, the RX6 is probably a better choice, but someone who knows Fischer may help you better. 

FYI, I made the same mistake when I was learning (started skiing at 30).  I purchased to much ski and it really hurt my progression.  When I finally got smart, I purchased a K2-9500, a significant step down from the Solomon's I was skiing, I had a great time and my skiing progressed significantly.  Today my primary ski is a Volkl Mantra.  Some say it's stiff but I love it in all conditions. 
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Uhhhhh Bob, level 9 and in the same range,,,,,,,I don't think so. Yeah that's what I think I have been doing wrong too, skiing with too much ski. My boys were on some cheap skis and kicking my butt.and that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
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Alright, back to business. Rx8 or Rx6 and what length please?
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I ment as far as age goes and the fact that I had a simular circumstance when I was around your age...  If the RX6 and your 6' 175 lbs, I would look to around a 175 length.  A couple of web sites have a great scale to use based on height vs. ski length.  I think one of them is on the REI site or the Peter Glenn site.  Either way, if the ski is between your chin and forehead, it's probably going to be a good length that will allow you to have some fun. 
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