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Pins and needles

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Just got back from several days of skiing in Utah. Prior to leaving I had some canting work done by Billy Kaplan (Cantman). No problem there. He recommended adding some additional padding to my powerwrap liner because of my skinny shins.

I was previously running my booster strap under the plastic tongue on my Kryptons (to eliminate shin bang) He recommended the Booster on the outside.

After adding the material, the boot is snugger, but after an hour or two I was getting severe pain, only on my left foot. Pins and needles type of pain. The only way to relieve it was to remove the boot for a couple of minutes. Then all good...for a while.

Two additional factors:  I am prone to having my legs swell (due to medication). Not sure if the altitude made that worse. If so, weird that only one foot was bothered.

Also, he did some modifications to my footbeds. While he did add material (at the heel) much more was added to the right foot, which had no problems.

I'm not sure if it is the added material at the shin or under the footbed.  There really wasn't much added under the footbed.
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This pins and needles thing sounds like nerve impingement----could be compression of the dorsal pedis nerve if you experienced a hot spot under the ball of the foot just behind your 3rd and 4th toes.  if you over tighten your instep buckle you could be clamping this nerve off where it runs down over the top of the foot, there isn't much in the way of meat over that part of the foot and it's easy to cause this.
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Sounds right, except that my boots were buckled on the loosest possible settings. So I assume the added pressure is being caused by the additional material under the footbed reducing the overall volume.  If that is the case, would remolding the ID liner (with the larger footbed) solve the problem?

Alternatively I could (and almost did) just peel off the added material on the footbed.

My one concern is that this was caused by additional swelling of my feet due to the altitude. Then, I might not have the problem back here on the EC.  I'd really not like to have another day of having to rip my boot off every couple of hours, so I'm not sure I want to ski on them as is to see if it was an altitude thing.

One other thing. On my last day, I did wear the thinnest socks I had with me, and it did take a little longer for the issue to occur, but it still did. 

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