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Nordica B7s

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I got my son into skiing last season (08/09) and he is doing very well-skied double diamond runs on his 5th day. We bought some used rental equipment from a local shop that went out of business. The boots were Nordica B7s. His foot is about the same size as mine (9/9.5) and we swapped boots last weekend after he was telling me he couldn't flex his boot enough to have his knee lined up over his toe. When I tried them on, he was right, it was all I could do to get my knee over my toe and I weigh 50+ lbs more than him. they almost force you to ski with straight legs. There is no adjustment to make them give more. I looked up a few reviews online and no one said anything about being to stiff.

My boots are Raichle Flexon equipes (old, but exact same boot you can buy now for $400-$500 under a diff name-cant remember what that brand is) When he tried mine on he was amazed at the ability to flex forward and bend his knees properly, with a natural/standard position having the knees over the toes. He said skiing was a LOT easier and for the first time understood why I complained about my quads being sore.

Why would these boots be so stiff, they seemed to be popular but they are difficult to ski with.

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If you were to take a look at the boot from the side would the vertical line of the front of the cuff more or less line up with the angle of the back of the cuff, or do they diverge top to bottom?
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