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advanced boots for beginner

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I decided to buy a pair of ski boots. After spending an hour in the store, the boot fitter suggested to me a pair of Tecnica Dragon 100. I googled that these boots are for an expert which I am not. I am still learning and ski in green and blue.

I am sure that the boots have the functions which I  can't appreciate at my current level. My questions are:
is it dangerous for a beginner to ski with advanced boots? Or at least will these boots slow down my progress? I read that the bad movements are easily transferred to ski with these boos.

Any advices?
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These boots are not for an expert,nor are are they for a beginner. It is not dangerous for a beginner to wear them, however it will do them no good to wear them either. A beginner should wear a proper fitting boot with a softer flex in order for them to learn to make turns easier. You should also not buy a too soft boot because you need something you can grow into as you progress. IMO around a 70-80 flex boot would be plenty to get you going for atleast a few years.Once again though,proper fit is more important than anything else. Most people who are starting out will end up in a boot that is too big and this leads to worse problems down the road such as circulation issues. As you grow as a skier you will be able to appreciate and feel the functions that todays boots offer. Good  luck, and continue to ask questions as you go along.
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Is the boot in your flex range? If it is, than it is at your ski level.
If a boot is to stiff, you should not ski it, and if it is  to soft, you should not ski it. It is a matter of skill, wieght, flexibility, and energy transfer.
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I tried the boots in ski hill today after two years of abscent from ski.  Here is the summary:
1. I skied better than before (with rental boots), at least I noticed :). My feet easily stayed flat and I could feel the ground much better. In the past, I had trouble in make left turns, and my left leg somehow locked in forward position. I had the same trouble in the first 2 runs. Then I found that I could easily make turns by slightly tilting my feet left and right from the flat position. I guess that this was due to the snug fit of the boots. My legs are less tired but I still used wrong muscles. I had some trouble in fully controlling the speed.
2. The comfort level of the boots is ok. My toes felt pressures and not too bad. Somehow I felt pain at the highest point (in the middle) at the back of one foot. I loosed up buckles , but no help. The pain was not too bad to stop skiing. Hope that the discomfort will go away after the break-in period and more skis.

Overall today's ski was nice. There was snow storm  lasted about 1 hour. Fresh snow made ski more interesting.

Dave: Thanks for your replying. I had this question about boots and turns for a while. It is known that beginner's boots have more flex and are more forgiving. Why do these characteristics help make turns?  On the contrary, stiff boots respond more effectively to small movements. Does it mean that it is easier for beginners to make turns with stiff boots.
This pair of Tecnica boots costs more than beginner/intermediate  boots. If they are not that helpful to my ski, I am thinking to get a TRUE  beginner/intermediate  boots. Any suggestion?

Backroom: good question. THere are 3 flex setttings of the boots. I set to the lowest flex. I can bent my legs forward without using my weight.  I don't know what the exact range is. What are the movements controlled by the flex range? I googled, but a lot of superficial and repeated text.
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Consider breakin factor with Technicas.

I do not keep up with new model names so I do not know how Technica is grading their comp models nowadays.

But in theory Technica unit shells will, as with any boot, have a break in period of approximately 48 hours of use. It's up to you to imagine how much the shell linkage will soften up enough for you after you take those puppies out for 30,000 ft of vertical or so.

Just keep em dry and warm by the fire. 

Me I got the lower level Mag version from '06/'07 and now wish I'd gotten the Comp versions because they softened up so well.
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