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Unlimited Skiing All of US 2010/2011 for $10k

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Check this out. The Gilt Group has this deal for $10,000...

The Gold Pass is accepted at over 250 resorts across the U.S.
* The Gold Pass is the ultimate lift ticket and is valid from September 2010 to May 2011
* $8000 will be tax deductable

Support the U.S. Ski Team and enjoy this all-access pass for lift tickets at more than 250 resorts across the country.

Help our Olympians go for the gold. The Gold Pass gives you lift tickets for an unlimited number of days at more than 250 resorts across the country. This fully transferable pass is good for the entire 2010/2011 ski season and can be used at world-famous mountains like Vail, Sun Valley, Stowe and Park City. And as you're exploring the best powder in the country, you can feel good knowing that you're helping American athletes: The cost of the Gold Pass goes toward providing the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team with the best possible training, equipment and coaching.

PLEASE NOTE: While the pass is fully transferable to an unlimited number of people, only one person can use the pass per day.


I wish I had the time and money. The website is invite only. PM me with your email for an invite if you are curious. http://www.giltman.com
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Wow, that's pretty cool. I'd love to rock that, but it would end up costing me way too much--between the $10K, taking off a whole winter to make use of it and traveling around the country.

It's a little too expensive to make it practical--I did some quick math and 130 days x $80 per ticket (which is on the high side)= $10,400. It would be tough to make that thing worth it. I guess if you started early and rode until the last lift closed, you could do it, but it would be a push. The tax deductible part helps, but taxes would be down since you wouldn't be working for half the year. Still a pretty cool opportunity.
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The best way would be to split it with a couple other people. It's transferable.
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Heck, if I lived out west I would love to get 10 or even 20 people together on this. You could mail it to each other. Although you would probably need a spreadsheet for the logistical nightmare LOL.
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Assume you first use the pass Saturday Dec 11, for four days.
And you use it every single weekend thereafter, for four days, until Saturday March 26.
That's 16 weekends at four days each, or 64 days.  Meaning $10,000/64 = $156 per day, much more expensive than normal lift tickets.

(Of course, the $8000 of that tax deductible, the "actual" cost is closer to $7500, meaning "only" $117 per day.)

In order for it to actually be worthwhile - you either have to consider it a donation to the US Ski Team and not really care about the lift ticket aspect, or use it for over 100 days per season which means every day of those 16 weeks it gets used.  (Which is still $89/day.)  Not really practical no matter how many people you share it with

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In 99/2000 I had a client who was looking for a tax deduction & wanted to give something to US Skiing.  He asked for my advice...  Long story short, he took the deduction I paid the difference & took the winter off (pass was around $4k at the time).  I loaded up the Subie & spent the winter on the road.

Gold Pass 003.JPG

That was a great winter.
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I have a business partner who has a gold pass due to a family relationship. Blew me away when I saw it work with the lift line scanners the first time. Pretty cool.
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