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Couldn't get "dialed in"

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I recently returned from 7 days of skiing in Tahoe & SLC with my new, custom fit Nordica Superccharger Ignition boots. I had never had custom fit boots, in fact these are the first new boots I've bought in many years... so, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but after spending big $ for a custom fit, I guess I expected a lot. So I was pretty disappointed when I couldn't dial them in during my trip.

Unfortunately (or fortunately... not sure yet), my bootfitter is on the east coast and I was skiing out west, so I couldn't get real time tweaks done. The positive aspect is that I can now go back to him w/ my experiences and hopefully get the boots "fixed" for next time.

Here's the issue: I'm worried that they are too big. Before I got fitted, I was thinking I needed a 26.5; I ended up w/ a 27.5 shell with a 27 liner. He did all the measurements and the shell fit, so I assume they should be sized right... but, my entire trip I felt like my heel and foot were moving in the boot no matter how much I cranked them in. In fact, I ended up pretty much on the last notch of the buckle across the board, which I didn't think was supposed to happen with new boots. Granted, when I cranked them down that much I pretty much lost all feeling in my feet -- very uncomfortable & little blood flow; but that was the only way I felt completely locked in when skiing.  When I was fitted, and even when I was wearing them in the house before my trip, I was only on the second notch and the boots were comfortable but still hurt my feet after a short time if I wasn't flexing them. I have a very wide foot -- we even had to punch out an area under the second buckle so that they weren't compressing the nerve on the outside of my foot (hoof).

I'm not even sure what my question is... I guess I'm wondering what I should be expecting. Is it OK that I have to crank them down to the point my feet hurt, or should I feel more locked in at a comfortable setting? What if the liner packs out and I'm already on the last notch?  Are there ways to adjust the boots to get my heal locked down? One of the fine moderators here that I met on my trip suggested a boot shim, but I didn't get a chance to try any before I left. Should I expect my fitter to provide shims? 

I appreciate any input! 

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hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you have a brand new boot that you have skied for a week, and you need fit shims, you are either in the wrong boot or the wrong size.

with that i will give you and your boot fitter a get out of jail free card. it is really hard for a skier to know what they are supposed to be feeling when trying on new boots. and it is very difficult for boot fitters to learn the finer points of the skill and communication that is necessary to figure out what they are doing with the foot and the human that owns it.

the supercharger ignition is a pretty generous fitting boot, with a puffy liner and rubber boot board that will feel spongy in warmer conditions. these factors will cause you to overbuckle the shell to try to contain the foot for performance skiing.

you can throw all types of fit aids at your set-up, tongue shims, eliminator tongues, heel lifts, ankle wraps, bontex shims, etc, and you may be able to contain the foot to some degree, however the interior size of the shell will not change and that is where the foot holding power comes from, the shell shape.

yes it was custom fit, however perhaps not good custom fit.

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Do a shell size check your self,  with toes just touching the front of the shell (no liner in shell) you should see about 10--15mm of open space between your heel and the inside of the back of the shell any more is too much!  I agree with "starthouse" it sounds like your boot is too big.  Have your fitter check you out.

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Thank you both for your input. I will do the shell check myself & then make an appointment w/ my fitter... but it sounds like my fear (too big) might be justified.
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If you look at the wikis at the top of the forum you will find instructions for fitting.

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