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Line Prophet Flite

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Hey All - I'm considering the prophet flites and I'm looking for some input/feedback from people that have used them. 

I'm a new england skier, love the trees, ski most often at Jay and Killington.  Want something that is quick in the trees and bumps.  Trying to decide if the prophet 90 is too stiff or not, but there is very little info on the flites...

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I don't think it would be a case of the standard prophet being to stiff, rather it would be the flight being a noodle. How much do you weigh?
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 5'9" 175#
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Haven't tried the flight, but own the regular P90. You'd be fine with them at 175lbs.
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 I just skied it the other day, and I ski the Prophet 100 as well.  The Flight was a more lively.  It was snappy and quick and really didn't have any less edge grip.  The metal in the standard Prophet tends to dampen the ski.  Basically, the Flight skied just like a more caffinated version of the Prophet.  Definitely not going to be too soft for most people though, and I would recommend mounting it at the recommended point to avoid any possible tip dive in the deep stuff.
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I'm 5'7", 165lbs and I have a pair of the regular Prophet 90s.  I have no trouble bending them when they need to be bent.  I havent been on the Flights, so I cant compare them.
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I'm 5'8'' 145 pounds, on a 172 flite, because I thought the regular LP would be too stiff. The flite is fine, and quite lively and snappy, but it does flap a lot when carving at high-ish speeds, and it is definitely quite a soft ski. I can't say, not having tried the LP90, how stiff it is, but the flite will be too soft for you.
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5'11,198lbs.    Did not like the flite, off piste it was all over the place. the day I skied there was dust on crust and variable conditions.  Did not like ski at all found unstable, bouncing everywhere in those conditions.  Got back on my Gotamas and was happy.
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