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Mt. Snow VT

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My daughter's college ski club (Fordham) is going to Mt. Snow next weekend for a one day trip.  She is pretty much a solid intermediate.  Any suggestions on what areas not to miss and what to avoid? 
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 Almost the entire front face is intermediate. The greens of the summit (skiers right on the front face) can attract a lot of traffic but they do connect to some nice blues. The North Face area is somewhat steeper and will have some bump runs and glades. I believe the trails get more challenging as you move from skiers left to skiers right in the North Face area. There have usually been some groomed terrain in the North Face and it would be fine for a solid intermediate. The Carinthia area is pretty much all park and pipe. Lots of choices for intermediates.
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It should be a great place for her ability level!  If she is feeling confident some of the blacks aren't too bad either.
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