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Elan Magfire Pro?

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I was hunting around for some Magfire 82xti and I found a pair of Magfire Pro. I can't find this ski anywhere. Same dimensions as the 82, green topsheet.  Not on the Elan website.  Anyone know this ski?
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hah - I bet you found the same ones I did.  Watch out - I spoke to the supposed "seller" and he had no knowledge of those skis - so it looks awfully suspicious (if it's the same set I found - and considering how rare these are I bet they are).

Anyhow, the ski is identical to the Magfire 14 and was only released in Europe with a green "Elan approved" topsheet.
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I sent him a couple questions and got a strange non-responsive answer. If they are Mag 14s too much ski for me.   I also found a second pair on Craigs in Mass. but they were short. Thanks. It's not bargain season quite yet.
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I actually ski these (magfire pro ltd). they are supposedly a promotional ski that were not available to the general public. 1 sheet of titanium. I like them almost as much as my old Mag 12's. Think I would love them more if they were like this years xti (2 sheets). either way, nice ski imho....
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So do you think they ski softer or firmer than the Mag 12s? I love my Mag 12s but my son took them. I'll take the same flex with half the weight.  The listing I saw said two metal sheets.
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I would say they are softer than my 12's, which are the 06/07 model (the green ones, not to be confused with the other 12's of the past couple years). I'm actually thinking of selling my Magfire Pro's (168cm), not because I don't like them, as I mentioned I love them, but because I'm thinking of going for the new 82 XTi's. What size are you shopping for?
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