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Want to become a moguls skier; need help

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Hey, just to introduce myself, my name is David, I live in Toronto, Ontario, I'm 20 years old, and as long as I can remember I've been absolutely obsessed with sports of all kinds, and the only dream I have EVER had is to be a professional athlete and/or to compete in the Olympics.

I don't want to get into all the details about how I've had chronic low self-esteem, discouraging parents and coaches in the past, etc, etc. I want to get over all that crap and finally just do it.

In any case, watching these Winter Olympics has made me realize that I need to just face myself, cast all my fears by the wayside and go for my dream. It's far, far too painful watching these athletes do what I know I could also be doing but not because I've been too afraid to reach for the stars.

Basically... I've been a recreational moguls and cross country skier for a long time now, but what I really want is to take it to the next level. My parents know nothing about sports and have never encouraged me to take it further, but I don't just want to do this. I NEED to. I can no longer live with myself just sitting around letting my life pass me by.  I don't want to be the best, I just want to be as best as I possibly can be, with the ambition of someday competing at the highest possible level.  And even if I cant make it, I won't be able to live with myself not knowing I haven't tried my absolute hardest.  I have absolutely no interest in any other occupation- my half-hearted attempts at learning various instruments have fallen by the wayside because I don't really want it, and I'm cutting short my current post-secondary education because it gives me about as much personal satisfaction as banging my head repeatedly against a wall.

There are great athletes who haven't even became involved in their sport until their late teens. If they can do it, so can I. I just really need some help with pointing myself in the right direction.  If you're going to tell me I'm too old, that I can't do it, I'm wasting my time, I'm deluded, etc.. save your keystrokes.  I've been hearing all that my entire life, and I really don't care.

SO... now that the essay is done with, what I would like to know is if there are any programs or training available for adults in Ontario looking to seriously compete in moguls skiing.  I'm not very good, but that's why I want to train.  If anyone could point me in the right direction or recommend something or someone to me, I would really appreciate it.
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I have a stepson who wants to be a rockstar. My husband, after much arguing about college,etc., said "Get it out of your system"...so "get it out of your system" and go for it....
The first thing I would do, as a flatlander, would be to move where the pros live. Look at who you admire and find out where they train. Then move there and start looking for coaches. Lindsay Vonn is a good example-her family moved her to Vail. We have a cabin in CO. (I'm not offering it, but) I am familiar with the Olympic hopeful programs offered both thru Steamboat and WP. Yes, they're looking for kids but they may be able to give you some ideas....
Be prepared to wait tables or teach others skiing to earn a living. I read something that the average Olympic hopeful has a parent who spends $13 K a year for coaching, gear, tournaments, and travel...count on having to earn that and a living
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Oh, an another thing, as an FYI...Chad Hedricks started out as an inline skater.....in Spring, TX
There's also a luger who's in his 4th Olympics at age 38. He lives in Katy, TX, trains in parking garages, and luges for Argentina....
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Good news, then... I've rollerbladed since age 8. :) lol

Im, quite honestly, willing to drop everything and do whatever it takes, regardless of what my parents think or how much it may cost.  My big skiing 'hero' would have to be Jenn Heil of Canada; I'll find out where she and the other Canadian skiers live and train, thank you for that tip. :)
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Have you taken the specialty mogul lessons at Blue? If not, you might want to start there. After that, you should start thinking about traveling to one of the mogul camps (e.g. mogul logic). In the meantime, Epic has lots of threads about moguls in the coaching and analyis forums. There are lots of dvds available. There are even a few books too.
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^ I have not, thank you for the tip.  A few acquaintances of mine have told me that if I have ambitions of doing this seriously- which I do- the best thing I could do is move to Golden, BC.
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why would you waste your time with moguls?  Don't you know--all the money/fame/glory is in freestyle--park and pipe as well as big mountain skiing.  If you're going to try to make skiing your career, at least go into something for which a career actually exists.  You want to be the skier who waits tables, not the waiter who skis.
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Immersion - move to Colorado, get a Winter Park season pass, and ski nothing but black diamonds at Mary Jane.   Also check out the forums at mogulskiing.net for all things moguls.
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Your too old, you can't do it, your wasting your time, your deluded, etc.. NOW go prove how wrong I am..you can do anythingyou set your mind to!
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 Not exactly sure what your in search of , actual direction or psychological reinforcement.

Direction is easy, simply do the research and execute.

Psychological reinforcement; stop blaming others, take your own life under control.

Your 20 y/o, Dennis Rodman didn't play basketball until his sophomore year of collage, it can be done but it will take all the commitment in your world. In fact, if you really wanna be pro/at that level [of anything], might as well forget about everything & anything else you do/like/love cause you'll never do it again.

Don't blame your parents; though I don't know your situation, maybe analyze it yourself. Could it be they felt you could never be committed, could it be they honestly have no clue when it comes to sports or could it be they just never had the money. Your still alive, so they must have done something right - Maybe cut them some slack.

Other than that, go for it, whatever you find for yourself.
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The advise above is good. Move to ski country. Ski all you can on terrain that will strengthen your skills. Get into a training program. Training is more than just skiing. Physical conditioning is imperative. Start working on strength now so that next season when you take your dream to the snow you are already strong. Depending on your needs, consider a working relationship with a ski area or club that provides training. Finding help is hard, finding motivated help is harder. Clubs will need pre-season and during season help such as arena preparation, event workers, etc. Working for your training will give you skills that exceed just skiing skills. You want a career in skiing. Skiing moguls could take you into your 30's. Knowing how to organize and manage a ski program will take you until the day you can't ski.

I wish you the best of  luck with your pursuit. Listen to your heart and go for it. You are young and the world is there for the taking if you work hard for it. I hope plan A works for you but have a plan B and plan C for if things don't go exactly as you dream.

Here is a link to a similar discussion: Do I take a year off of university to ski? There were strong views on either side for and against side tracking a college education for a year of ski racing pursuit.

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