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SG versus long GS for kids races

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We have a few so called Super G races in the calendar for kids in the age range 8-11 y.o. The sets are open, and fast compared to the GS sets they normally run, and there might even be a short jump or two. Some of the kids are already using the shortest SG skis (175-180) with r>=27m. The others use whatever GS skis they've got. Some races have an added condition that GS skis must be longer than body height.

SG skis are expensive, not that easy to find in the shortest lengths, and I don't believe the courses actually demand anything like a 27m radius. On the other hand, the kids on the long skis are going fast and getting down in pretty good style.

So I'm thinking about a compromise. What about a 165-ish GS ski, with r>=17m (compared with a 150, r>14m GS which is the longest my boy has at the moment)? Its longer, faster, bigger radius, and he'll get loads of use out of it in the long term. Obviously the GS also has more shovel than an SG, but I can't see that being an issue on these courses

Are there any compelling reasons to use a real SG ski? Or to not use a GS ski? Construction? Flex? Opinions?
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If for nothing else, using an SG ski in a SG race/camp completes the experience for the athlete. They already go fast and make big long turns on their GS skis, and if possible, it is fun and good experience for them to try out a real SG ski. But, there is nothing wrong with putting them on a longer "adult" GS ski. We are lucky here that a least one store rents speed skis by the day/week and our race director has several pairs.
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The best thing to do for an introduction to SG is to simply go to a bigger GS ski.

A K1 GS ski has a 14m radius, so a K1 racer (11-12 years) would move up to a 17m K2 GS ski, 5 to 10 cm longer than their usual GS ski.

A K2 racer (13-14) would move up to an 18m or 19m adult rec racer, also 5 to 10 cm longer.

8 to 10 years in our area is the Nancy Green category, and with just a few exceptions, this group races on a single pair of skis.  An introduction to speed for them will often be a K1 GS ski.

And in a lot of cases, racers who are on a stiff junior GS ski (e.g. Atomic, Fischer) will do just fine with their regular GS ski in a SG course.  They will be just as far ahead learning SG line, tactics and speed without a major equipment adjustment. 

Standard sizing guidelines still apply:  size for skill first, then strength, then weight.  The coach will hopefully know the athletes well enough and the event well enough to provide recommendations for the right equipment setup.

The young racers should get at least a full day on the bigger ski (with a coach's guidance) before the event.  There will be differences in the big skis, and the kids need to figure them out before they get into a race course.
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Just buy an adult GS ski in like an 180-185 with a 27m radius. Alot cheaper than buying a junior SG ski, and they are pretty damn close to identical.
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