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Hart Phoenix - Ski Length Advice

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After demos of multiple frontside carvers, I am going to dive in and purchase the Hart Phoenix.  I am having trouble deciding on length, however.  The demo I took out was a 174cm, as that was the only one available.  I was fine on that length, but have not been able to compare to the 166cm, which might be more appropriate?

The right lengths for me in other skis have been as follows:  Fischer RX Fire 8 - 170cm, Head Monster 78 - 171cm, Fischer Progressor 8+ - 170cm.  I am 5'10", 166 lbs., Level 7/8 skier, 47 y.o..  Skis will be used as "go-to" skis for Eastern (VT, NC) skiing.

I would love some recommendations on the right length for the Phoenix.

Thanks for your help!!
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I would go longer.  It's an easy turning ski and 174 is not that long.  I have the 174  and I am 5'10" 185 level 8+/-   Great ski.
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I have skied the Phoenix in Vermont (and another ski of the same construction and geometry for several years in VT), and for your size, the 174 is a good bet for nearly all usage unless you really prefer a shorter ski.  I am about 5'11" and 185 lbs. and ski the version in 179cm which is great unless you get into tight bumps or tree terrain...and I like more GS-oriented turns...so the 174 should make you very happy!

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 Simply put, that's a nice ski, and as the others said, 174 is pretty much ideal for you.
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I just bought this ski in 174 and am exactly your size. I skied its 174cm VIST twin a few weeks ago. It is plenty of ski in that length. If you want to beef it up a bit, get a pir of VIST speedlock bindings and plates. That was the setup on the VIST's I skied. Was a really powerful ride. Perfect for carving deep tracks in Maine hardpacked.
Folks at hart are really nice too. Worth supporting.
I got a pair od the hart Pulses at the same time - 77mm in waist and another great carving ski.
And then dislocated my shoulder skiing this past Sunday at Sugarloaf, so the skis are sitting idle in the back of my van. You will probably be on yours before I will be on mine. Post you review.
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Thanks to all for the input.  I went ahead and bought the 174cm.  The shop only had the demo left at that length, but the deal was excellent.  I plan to put these to work for several days at Smugglers Notch starting 2/28 ... looking forward to it!!
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Thought I would post some impressions of the Phoenix so far.  When I demo'd in Killington, conditions were true frozen hardpack and the Phoenix took it all in stride.  Here at Smugglers Notch this week, I have used this ski so far for 2 mornings and 1 full day.  Conditions have been softer than the frozen hardpack in Killington, but have ranged from overnight re-freeze to afternoon softer snow to even some spring-like mush at the very bottom of the mountain in late afternoon.  I have taken this ski beyond the groomers into plenty of bumps and glades.  I am surprised at how versatile the ski is.  The only place it didn't shine was where the snow was heavy and deep (it is, after all, 66mm waist ski!).  Thanks to the folks here at EpicSki, the choice of 174cm length has paid big dividends in additional versatility.  The ski I bought was a demo and had the Railflex FX12 demo binding ... the set-up is a little heavy, but has not hampered the ski's performance.  It may be worth changing out the binding set-up down the road.  Very happy with this choice as the narrow-waisted end of my new quiver.  With the Icelantic Pilgrims as the wider (I know, 90mm does not seem wide, but I DO ski in the east!) end of the quiver and the MX78 demos I just bought from Phil (couldn't get them here to Smugglers to try  squarely in the middle, I think I am set for some time to come!!

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I put in 2 more full days of skiing the Phoenix at Smugglers Notch this week.  With no new snow, conditions continued to be a bit of refrozen in the a.m. and softening up throughout the day.  I put in a lot of runs each day, with a big mix of groomers, bump trails and many glades.  I continue to be thrilled with the versatility of these skis in the 174cm length.  They are really at home in all the conditions I saw and were comfortable in a variety of turn shapes, including tight spaces.  I had a funny meeting after skiing the top of Doc Dempsey's glade while waiting for my wife to meet me from Upper F.I.S.  Another skier came down the Doc Dempsey trail and took a break in the same spot.  I noticed he happened to be skiing the Hart Attack and asked him about it.  He was commenting how these skis simply made his skiing so much easier and MORE FUN ... candidly, while the Phoenix is a different animal than the Attack, I could not agree with his sentiments more.  These skis are just flat out FUN ... they make a day of skiing that much more memorable and enjoyable.  Ultimately, isn't that what most of us are looking for in a ski choice?  I really like these skis ...
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 I'm glad you like those.  IMHO the current Hart skis are some of the best quality out there.
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