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Which Hot Rods...or none at all.

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   I am new here and have just returned to skiing after a 20yr lay off.  I grew up in the Midwest skiing at least every weekend, so I'm not unfamiliar with skiing, just got away from it.

    After rediscovering my love for skiing this winter, I've decided to purchase new skis.  Before I get to that, a bit about me:

Me: 6'4", 250 (w/gear)...think football, not couch potato.  I am a fairly strong guy.  I cycle in the summer, so I have some leg strength.  Don't know if it matters, but I have Tecnica Agent 110 boots (Sz 30).

Skiing:  My favorite skiing is on loooonnnngggg groomed black runs.  I will venture into the bumps 1-2x/day just to see if I can still do it (poorly), but basically no bump skiing.  I wouldn't necessarily say I am an aggressive skier, but I like to be engaged...I don't like to be "passive" or "just along for the ride."  I guess as some people have used the analogy: I'd rather be driving a BMW M3 than a Mecedes AMG 500 sedan...they're both pretty excellent and both get you there fast and in style, but in different ways.  I plan to go 15-20x/year.

Location:  I live in the mid-Atlantic, so I will do most of my skiing in the Poconos.  I will be taking 1-2 trips/year up to NH (my friend lives 15min from Loon).  I will try to get out to Utah once every 2-3yrs, but I'll prolly rent when I go there.

     Skis:all 2009; all 178; all are w/ bindings...not flat:

Nordica Afterburner XBi CT 
Nordica Jet Fuel XBi CT
Top Fuel XBi CT 
(disclosure:  all on clearance at O2gear)

After reading member reviews (please don't rely: use search function...already did it), the Afterburner seems like a good choice, but:
1) given my size/strength, should I move up to the Jet Fuel?
2) Would the Top Fuel be a good choice?
3) Given my weight, will the 178 be a good length OR

Should I look at the Hell Cat in 186cm?
OR are none of these particularly good choices for me and I should look at a completly different brand/model.

Any advice would be appreciated,
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I had about 5 yrs. off due to some major surgeries..  Being 6' 190 picked up a new pair of Nordica Hot Rod Flats as I am not too hot on the integrated binding setup....Running 08 Lange FreeRide 130's w/superfeet. and that's a pretty rockin ski for an advanced/expert skier..  I don't consider myself an expert, but definately closer to the higher end of advanced.. It comes back quick...  I seek out the nasty verticle. and prefer pow, moguls and steep w/trees over groomers anyday...  I am gettin a little old to be cliff jumpin like I used to 20 years ago at 42 now, but in good shape....  I think the Hot Rod Flats longest is 178's, I'd probably go to a 184 if I could and may change over to a Volkl Gotama, Mantra or Katana.. Also lookin at some of the Head, Atomics and Line options as I want to get set back up for 1 pair for bumps, 1 GS, 1 all mountain (Nordica Hot Rod Flats) and a pair of rock ski's... Good luck, don't know if any of that will help or not.. 
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I bought the Hot Rod Top Fuel 170mm on sale from O2 Gear Shops last April for $589.  This year so far I've skied 6 days in Tahoe in February and 8 days at Park City area resorts a week ago.  I skied groomers (hard and soft), ice, powder, trees, steeps, and moguls in temperatures ranging from the teens to mid-40's and nothing seemed to faze them.  The were stable at speed and maneuverable in the bumps and trees.  In 2009 they were a Ski magazine top choice who rated them as a one-ski quiver
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I bought the Hot Rod Jet Fuel and find them to be perfectly wonderful in all conditions I've hit to date. I'm 6' tall, 210 lb, 69 years old and can still ski it all. I have two pair of boots, Dalbello Krypton Pro for stiff and Scarpa Tornado for working when I have to be in boots 8 or 9 hours at a stretch. The only negative I have for the skis is the weight, but I'm graduating from a pair of Atomic Metrons which are equally heavy so I shouldn't complain. I find the skis to be rock solid stable and very grippy in the stuff we call hard-pack, or even boiler plate here in New England. I think they would also do very well in deep powder and they eat crud for breakfast. I was afraid I wouldn't find anything to equal my old Metrons, but I have.

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