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 So, I've been jonesing to make my own telemark binding for a couple years and want to get serious about it, rather than doodling on napkins every time I'm at a restaurant. I know what I want in a binding, but what about you? I want to know what the general populous wants in a tele binding. So if you think there's room for improvement or if there's a binding out there that is the "Holy Grail" tell me my Awesome Tele Binding Survey!!! 

If you do me the favor of filling out my survey for telemark binding information, Uller promises you unlimited face shots for the rest of the year! So if you tele, even 1 day/yr, tell me what you think of current telemark bindings. 

And for full disclosure, I am not working for nor affiliated with any of the current ski binding manufacturers. This is as home-grown as it gets. 

And for your amusement, check out an AT binding I designed back in college 2 years ago. These suckers weighed in at 15 lbs/pair!!! (To clarify, nothing you see in the photo or link below will be used on this new telemark binding!) 

Check it out Here -> 

And thank you in advance for your input!!!