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Hello to all,

This is my first post so be gentle please! :)

I live in Portugal which is a country that only haves a small resort with 9 pistes. Nonetheless, I had the oportunity to ski some 5 years ago and never forgot it :)

Became fan and this year I've promised myself to ski every year from now on and arrived from Pas de La Casa in the Pyrinnes as I write this words, and I'm planning to travel again on the first days of March.

What brings me here now is a couple of doubts.

First, I've chilled in the Pyrennes and I realized that I needed a new jacket. Went to buy one but the prices were so proibitive that I purchased some interior termic clothes instead and went to Andorra on my way out to source out a decent jacket for a reasonable price.

I've bought a F.LLi Campagnolo CMP jacket which costed me about 150€ from which I can't find good information, so I ask if anyone here knows the brand and can share some thoughts about it.

Second, if anyone can point me or can share the tech manual of the Atomic 4tix bindings. I could manage to somewhat parallel skiing from the day 3 forward but I've found the rear side of my inner Atomic Highnoon ski to be planted in the snow and very hard to join the outer ski when turning. Most of the times I had to lift my inner leg and  join the trajectory of my outer ski preventing the tips from encountering (I don't know if this makes any sense to you...).

Anyway, I know that the 4tix bindings can be adjusted forward/backwards, so I intent to slide them backwards a bit just to make the rears lighter (I don't know if this makes any sense again).

So please apologise this long post but if anyone could share a light on this topics I'll be much appreciated.

Ps - Sorry about any language mistakes but I can't find a way to put an English spelling dictionnary working here!