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Hi guys!


I'm 37, live in Switzerland and ski 20-25 days per year. I've been at it only about three years, but my wife (Swiss) is a an advanced skier (who could be more that if she wanted to push herself!) and my kids (11 and 12) have been going to ski school since they were 5 and keep me very motivated to improve. I'm 6', 180 lbs, extremely fit (besides skiing I cycle-commute about 1.5 hours per day and I'm a fanatic about something called CrossFit). 

I mostly ski groomers at Swiss resorts. I guess I'm about a "level 7." That is, I like to go fast on reds and blacks and take whatever air time I can get. I work on different kinds of turns. Solid carve, and I end pretty well. I don't have a gorgeous Kurzschwung (snick-snick-snick at one second intervals), but I can get pretty close on a good day. I'll play on the jumps at the snowpark, but I'm awful at going backwards. I also love going off into moguls - very challenging without breakneck speed! - but my wife and kids hate them, so I don't get as much as I'd like. I want to keep workiing on that, though. I lose a lot of confidence when the weather gets overcast.

The Old Ski

Two years ago I bought a used set of Rossi 9s Oversize skiis at 165cm - got them from a store near Interlaken that we trust. I had looked at some other things - in particular, I liked a green Head iSuperShape (can't remember the size), but it was fairly expensive at the time, and I really liked the Rossis too. I've been skiing more than ever this year and I feeling terrific.

The skis were in dire need of wax and tuning, but these last four days Grindelwald, I felt like I could choose any hardpacked, black rated slope on the hill and ski it as fast and aggressively as I wanted - pass anyone, anywhere and launch myself into space over a bump and get a nice soft landing into my next curve. I was looking forward to getting the edges sharpened so I could hold a line a little better on icey-hardpack stuff and dig in a little better on icey turns, but otherwise, I was feeling terrific.

Then someone stole my skiis while I was eating a hotdog at the restraunt. Why they decided to steal a piar of battered, 5-year-old skiis is beyond me - but fortunately they were insured for the new price.

The Demo Ski

Yesterday my shop gave me a pair of Nordica Doberman Spitfire Pros, size 170cm to demo, and I was expecting to have a blast, but that was frustrating. Given: the weather was overcast for the first time in a week - and that really effects me. But everything felt longer and harder and slower. My wife said I was back to muscling my turns on the steep, hard black stuff - and I didn't feel at all daring or aggressive. Keeping up with my daughter was a struggle. A mogul field would have been a wash out.

The one time I felt really good was on the Lauberhorn downhill, where I could swoosh back and forth at a really fun speed and pass everyone again. Instead of slithering over the ice, I just sailed through it. Cool!

What Next?

Now I'm thinking about demoing their Head iSuperShape (it's red). But I'm also thinking about trying the Spitfire Pros one size smaller - that would be about the same length as my old skiis. Or would I just be dumbing them down? I'd definitely like a ski that will push me a bit harder and make higher demands on my technqiue - but I still want to have fun, too!

I'd be thankful for any tips