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Maybe.....Mr.White has other business plans instead of crashing.  Besides the guy is human, it wasn't his day. I think he will be doing very well in the future.

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come on, he handled it well. Our local paper carried an interview with one of our local Half-pipe athletes saying the pipe was terrible; improperly constructed and dangerous not to mention the warm spring like conditions. Danny Davis fell twice in the flat-bottomed slush pit. iPod was the clear winner and Shaun has his demons but he handled it well saying everyone had the same conditions and he didn't do as well.  What more do you want?  He's created a brand name for himself making a fortune out of snowboarding.  I give him credit for that.  


Totally agree.  It was great to see him as a truly gracious loser, which makes him an even bigger winner to me.


Article with a similar take a friend sent me:

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Well, he certainly did better handling his results than Hannah Kearney did with her bronze.  He did stop short of saying that others did better.  He only admitted it wasn't his day and didn't whine about the conditions any more than anyone else.

Just trying to stir the pot.  Remember how mad all the skate punks were when Metallica cut their hair?:devil: 

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IIRC he did get a score in the previous qualifying round that would have won the gold. Did he break his board on that first run in the finals?

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