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WTB Bindings DIN >=12

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I am in need of some lightly used bindings for a new pair of skis I recently picked up. I'd like something with a DIN of at least 12. Salomon 9-14s are of interest to me as are any of the Rossi Freeski2 series. I will, of course, be happy to consider any binding you happen to have gathering dust. Wide brakes would be a bonus, but not required. I am located in Canada, so please be willing to ship here. :)

I am not a big poster around these parts, but if required I can provide references ebay/TGR.

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I have some very lightly used Look px12 titanium (with lifters, but caneasily mount flat with shorter screws.  Only a few little scuffs, but they are spot on.  PM me if interested and I can send pics
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I've got a pair of Marker's that go up to 12 DIN, PM if you want pics
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