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Anyone familiar with the trails at Whistler and can share something about the alpine courses? These links will show you were they are.

A  3-d map that has Whistler trails and Downhill courses marked.
(found this one in the "related blog" area to the right>> )

Overall Whistler Geography:

Whistler Overall.jpg
Men's, Women's Downhill:
Whistler Downhills.jpg

 Vansnow supplied a link to the "Weasels" - the volunteer course workers racing at Whistler.
The Whistler Weasel Workers are volunteer ski race workers dedicated to the advancement of alpine ski racing in Whistler and throughout Canada. Over the years, Weasels have worked on Olympic, World Championship, World Cup, NorAm and National Championship ski races in Whistler, Nakiska, Salt  Lake,  Bormio, Beaver Creek, Lake Louise, Sierra Nevada, and elsewhere.

Go Here for Course Info:
Men's Downhill Course:
Known as Dave Murray Downhill
A Manual for the Dave Murray Downhill:

Women's Downhill Course:

Known as Franz's Ladies Olympic Downhill

There's a lot of info on those pages!

All the below shots are from the site.

Overall Shot of Women's Course:

Section 3 from above map. Called "Deuce"
Steepest part of course.

Section 11 "Frondola":

A shot of the Weasel's in action at the 2008 World Cup: