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 I'm deeply worried about my skiing - more than anything related to my trip other than probably the safety of me and my family. I've watched tons of instructional ski videos and am extremely excited. (I know these don't even come close to substituting for the real thing. But, hey! I'm in Kansas. My home mountain amounts to a thirty foot hill a couple hundred feet from my house)

It's just that when someone spends good money on gear, they want to know that it was money well spent and that it wont make them look like a giant goof ball. I would be fine going up with my older clothes and skiing, and if someone were to make fun of me, I couldn't care less. But, if I specifically spend money on clothing that is associated with bad vibes then I'd be very disappointed with my purchase. Look at it as my way of reassuring myself that a purchase is the best use of my money in all aspects whether it be the outside perspective associated with it or the water proofing of its various materials.
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Alway remember:  "It is always better to look good than to ski good" ~Billy Crystal as Fernando Lamas.
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Sounds to me like you've got the right attitude, other than the deep worry bit. Drop that part. Take some lessons. Enjoy. Learn. Don't spend any time thinking about how you "look" on the slopes. Think about how to ski better. But, most of all, have fun.

There are no "bad vibes" associated with a line of clothing.  I guarantee that you will see dozens and dozens of other people on the slopes in virtually identical gear to yours.  No one will pay attention.

Have a great time on your trip,
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 Excellent point. I like to think that clothing doesn't matter, at least stylistically, but sometimes I find myself a little conscientious of how I look - I guess it's just a few minute chemical reactions in the brain. I still have much to learn at the age of 18.

Reminds me of a story of now famous mathematician Grigori Perelman. He solved one of the million dollar problems in mathematics. It's called the Poincare conjecture (actually quite interesting.) When people found out about his work, the million dollar prize was awarded to him, and he was also awarded the fields medal (Nobel Prize for math.) Astonishingly, he didn't accept either. I guess if you're worried about prizes and money more than the science itself, then you shouldn't be in mathematics anyway. Similarly, like you said, if you're more worried about how you look than the actual skill and technique, then you shouldn't be skiing. 

That's a pretty awesome story about the skier - rental skis, boots, and poles - priceless....
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Werr a T-shirt that says "Coed Naked Skiing" (or "Coed Naked any other sport) and no one will think your a gaper.    Bonus points if you where it over your North Face jacket.
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Originally Posted by ecimmortal View Post

Lindsay wears Spyder because she is paid to. Just like she always wears a Red Bull hat of some sort.
I'm well aware.  I was the one that called her a gaper, too.  tongue in cheek.
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goblue  Great post one of the best ever, loved the descriptions and so right on.

The very last thing I ever consider is what me clothes look like.  When I started, wore levi's and a blue windbreaker. Have good equipment and clothes now. 
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 When I was younger I always went skiing with my Friends and there father who was a member of the 60 Olympic team. He would wear leather lace up boots, wood skis with bear traps and the old foot loop stretch pants well into the late seventies and early eighties. People were always pointing and snickering at his gear.. I remember thinking what maroons,  if they could only ski half as well as he could on his antiques!!  Nobody could touch this guy on the hill.. when you thought you were making some good time hed go by you hootin and hollering  wooooeeee, the stuff your supposed to slow down for or work your way through he would just bomb..He was the guy people stopped and watched as he laughed at the mountain..
 Ironicaly we finally talked him into some modern bindings in the early eighties and shortly after he destroyed his knee.
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Originally Posted by quant2325 View Post

The other option is to ski Deer Valley where gapers are expected to wear very expensive clothing, even if they can't ski.

Last time I was at DV it looked like a Kjus Konvention. Not sure if they were all gapers or just rich.

If the OP wants to make sure he does not look like a gaper he can strategically put duct tape on various garments.

Or he can go snowboarding ... where everyone looks like a gaper. [duck]
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North Face is fine stuff, but you need to edit the logos with an appropriately-colored Sharpie before wearing them.


After  :heNoAceLogo.gif

Do this and nobody will give you any trouble.
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Originally Posted by ecimmortal View Post

Congrats on purchasing good outdoor gear that is equivalent to or better than ridiculously overpriced fashion pieces from companies such as Spyder, Kjus, Bogner...etc.

Not overpriced if you work at a shop. The stuff is dirt cheap on pro deal. I have plenty of TNF stuff, and it seems a little overpriced at retail, but seems to hold up well otherwise. 
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 Just for the record, the term "gaper" doesn't refer to gap between helmet and goggles...that would be "gapper" I guess. Gaper goes way, way back, long before helmets were common outside race courses.
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Originally Posted by hoody View Post

 Just for the record, the term "gaper" doesn't refer to gap between helmet and goggles...that would be "gapper" I guess. Gaper goes way, way back, long before helmets were common outside race courses.

I always thought it originally referred to the person who wore so many inappropriate layers that he ended up skiing with his jacket wide open so that it billowed around him as he snowplowed out of control down a slope he shouldn't be on.
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 Gap between the legs.. when it used to be considered good form to keep your legs/feet together..Still is IMHO
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 "A gaper is a skiier or snowboarder who is completely clueless. Usually distiungished by their bright colored clothes and a gaper gap, the gap between goggles and a helment/hat. Gapers also do the "Gaper Tuck" which is an attempt at being a ski racer by tucking, however, it is done incorrectly with the poles sticking straight up like thunderbolts and lighting, very very frightning! Gapers also sit at the bottom of jumps and try and go big off table tops in the park." - Off Urban Dictionary

Every site I go to seems to believe that Gaper refers to both brightly colored clothes and the gap between helmet and goggles. Even on Epic Ski and the what is a gaper posts the consensus is that a Gaper is both a person with a gap between their helmet and goggles, a person that wears horrifically bright clothes, and a person that generally pisses people off because of their ignorance. 
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A gaper is a stone head, often depicting a black man, on the front of a building in the Netherlands. It was used to indicate that this building is a pharmacy
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Originally Posted by billyymc View Post


See-magenta, teal, and purple-new new "Black"
I'm slowly convincing my husband that a Utah trip in April is a good idea. I may be taking the "show" to Alta, et al., 4/10 and 4/11....I'll be sure to screw up the tranverses....
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those goggles are way out of place.  where are the purple gordinis?
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Originally Posted by CR0SS View Post

No particular brand makes you a gaper.

Au contraire mon frere:

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Why all the Spyder bashing? Sure they make some crap for non-skiers, but pretty much every brand does these days...

Its funny, half the people bashing Spyder are wearing Cloudveil which is the same damn company.
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 I never heard guys so worried about clothes.. Isnt that the girls job? Ive got some nice spyder, TNF as well as wool pants and an Obermeyer sweater from about 1982.
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Originally Posted by polariso View Post

 I never heard guys so worried about clothes..

Most of the time someone so worried about what others are wearing are not far from being gapers themselves.
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Don't worry, just have fun!  I have had my NF Denali fleece for 13 years, wear it tons and it has held up great!
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