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Stockli Laser SC what length?

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So I'm buying a pair of these start of next season. Was wondering what length everyone thinks I should be getting. I'm 5'6" about 215, and was looking for a ski to replace my supershapes for frontside carving...cause you know I live in the east. I'm also going to use them in a beer league next season for racing. Length is an issue for me. I'm heavy for my height (largely muscle), so I always have a tough time deciding on length. Should i look somewhere around 170? Shorter longer? I've heard stockli's ski "long". Thanks.
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I have a pair of these, and they will work fine for beer league racing.  I'd go by what kind of turns you will be making since the tail is somewhere between a SL and GS ski.  The short ones are for, well, short SL turns and the 170's will give you more versatility.  If your gates are set-up a little farther apart than a traditional SL, go with the 170 at your weight.  They are a tiny waisted ski that will carve through just about anything and are stable at wider and faster turns ("ski longer") as are most Stocklis.  But you can easily ski a 170cm at 215 lbs. Are they any better than the HEAD?  IMO they are both great skis.  For tuning, I think they come with a .5/3 degree tune, but I'd call or e-mail Stockli to be certain.
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I purchased a pair last year after demoing them.  They are great hard snow skis- but I don't think they ski long at all. If anything, they may ski a little short . I'm 5'8" and 160 lbs and have the 163 cms.  For quick turns and bumps that length is great.  However, sometimes when I open it up a little I wonder if I might have liked the 170s even more .  Atleast I probably should have demoed the longer length when I had the chance- guess I just had to much fun on the 163s to wait. At your weight the 170s should still be pretty quick.  If at all possible demo both lengths. The shop at the base of Okemo had Stockli demos last year. Good luck.

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I have the 177 SC.  They are quite soft (especially in the tip) for a typical recreational race ski, and at your size I do not think you would be sorry to go that length.  Also The 16m radius of the 177 is fine for Beer League, but the shorter radius of the 170 may not be.  Just food for thought.  That said, at any length, the Stockli SC = ice skates.
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I'm 90kg (approx 200lbs) and ski the 170cm, although it is more for SL than GS.  Never found the speed limit and have never.wished for a longer ski,

On base bevel, an email enquiry to Stockli received the following response:

Thanks for getting to us. We apply 1.5 degrees on the side and 1.0 degrees from the base.
Hope you are happy with this answer.
Kind regards
Christoph Zumbühl
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 I've heard the stockli's have a much higher speed limit then the head super shape (2005 i believe). I ski a one ski quiver (lol) out in the northeast...By one ski quiver I mean all i ski on is ice, so all I use regularly is a ski for skiing ice. Anyone think I should go with anything else? The shop I buy from is ordering stockli's and blizzards this year, and I've thought about the SC's for years, but i'm open to suggestions.
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Sounds like you haven't skied them yet.  If you can you really should demo them first (that will also solve your length decision dilemma).  Stocklis are phenomenally great skis, but the SC is a slightly different animal than the other Laser series (softer and skinnier without as much sidecut).
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 I borrowed a pair from a friend in a 163. I'm 5'8'' and only about 145 pounds, and i found them a great length, although I thought initially they would be a bit long, as my friend is quite a bit bigger than me. I think I will definitely buy a pair having tried them, as they have a great feeling of security and confidence carving on pitches much steeper than I usually carve on. They aren't especially stiff, so you probably would want a 170, but they definitely let you know if you aren't standing on them right.
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