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nbcolympics.com videos - not loading properly? for you?

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both nbcolympics.com and universalsports.com are now constantly coming up with a video loading error for me, on event replays from the Olympics and from earlier stuff on Universalsports. This is happening on a 6 different machines, using different ISP connections, and all having the latest version of Silverlight installed.
Anyone else having the same issues?

Here's the link for the Men's Downhill Replay video from nbcolympics.com
does it work for you ?  or do you get this:

its driving ne nutz!
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yup, I had that problem.

nbc bought the olympics to prevent people from seeing them.  It's not just what about what they are airing as it is preventing their competition from airing it.

they want to control what we watch and they are succeeding.  lawsuits precedents against youtube (which I believe is owned by CBS) have also prevented people from loading videos online.

In short, the media is still well in the hands of oligarchs in this country.

But hey they will be tossing us a bone.  Later tonight after they air whatever it is they are going to air, they will likely make some video content available at their website.

I feel so free I think I might cry..
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I can understand - in a weird sortta twisted way - that they might wish to control how olympic event viewing.
What is incomprehensible is that THEY - NBC, actually post links to prior event for replay, such as the men's downhill, and then not have their video server working properly.
This isn;t just Olympics but was happening more frequently months back on universalsports.com.
You'd think that they would iron out the server problems long before coming into the Olympics.
If they are  thinking its not worth the investment to get it running properly, then why even put the link up on their site to view the prior event in replay ???
video streaming is no longer rocket science.
All these errors do is anger viewers.
I realize that individually we are just so much dog poo on their shoes, and that our only value is being pigeonholed en-masse while watching their latest primetime inanity; but once they collect enough dog poo on their shoes, they start to stink to high heaven. That's about where they are right now.
universalsports, for a short period, was a nice place to get the full race coverage; not anymore.

I guess a full web search is in order to ferret out the possible streaming sites from the alternate and international media sources. like the fromsport.com and stream2watch.com sites

... what is it about curling....

is there some fat old tabacco baron subsidizing this because muffy and buffy get their rocks off on curling?
I mean, how does it happen that hours and hours of this get pumped thru the nbc affliated channels?
Is this some secret encrypted transmission from "Skull and Bones" or the 'Illuminati' ?
I think curling should change their rules so that only Elvis impersonators would be allowed to 'compete'. They could make a separate class for Trekkies, especially Vulcan dressups...
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lol, good stuff. Well if we can't watch what we want on tv at the very least we are good company to ourselves.
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OK, just a quick update on the 'video not loading properly' issue.
As a matter of course, I set all my browsers to NOT ACCEPT third party cookies, keeps a lot of crappage off my machines.
Apparently, allowing third party cookies is a pre-requisite for the nbc server to stream the video.
In Windows, I would only recommend doing this in a restricted user account environment. So iff'n your machine is running under admin, I'd set up a restricted user account which you can use/logon when using any of these very open browser settings.
Even better, run all this stuff thru a virtual machine - ie, Windows Virtual 2007 is free to all users who have Windows and have a machine/cpu which can run a virtual environment - not all cpus are so enabled...
a bit safer than doing all this in an open admin account.
after quite some review of many of the Olympic live streaming site options around the web, I've found a lot originate in very sketchy regions as relates to virii, bots and rootkits which might find their way onto your machine.
Many are based in the Russian Federation and seem to be there primarily to capture users/machines.
So beware of where you land and what you click on.
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