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How much does NBC suck, let us count the ways.....

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OK, first the Mens DH "lack of coverage". No excuss for that mess...

then last night I tune in for the Team Canada Hockey game and find US Womens Curling on. Now don't get me wrong, I like Curling as much as the next guy, maybe more, but WTF!!!!

We'll see what they do tonight with the Womens DH tape delayed coverage but I'm not hopeful.....

Other thoughts?
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I learn 1 thing about NBC with every Winter O., I have no desire to watch any of their prime time programming.

And, I'm not seeing the freakin' dragon movie, either!

Who ever heard of a Norseman with a Scottish burr? Their frequent excursions into my ancestors' homeland is one of the reasons that 13% of us have red hair!

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Originally Posted by Rossi Smash View Post

OK, first the Mens DH "lack of coverage". No excuss for that mess...

Other thoughts?

Since the alpine events have been rescheduled day after day, I am sure the planners have to find ways to accomodate them into the coverage already planned for the day. Having to fit the extra events into the four hours of primetime already accounted for by other events means there likely is not going to be extended alpine coverage beyond a half hour or so.  
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nbc bought the olympics to prevent people from seeing them.  It's not just what about what they are airing as it is preventing their competition from airing it.

they want to control what we watch and they are succeeding.  lawsuits precedents against youtube (which I believe is owned by CBS) have also prevented people from loading videos online.

In short, the media is still well in the hands of oligarchs in this country.

But hey they will be tossing us a bone.  Later tonight after they air whatever it is they are going to air, they will likely make some video content available at their website.

I feel so free I think I might cry..
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How about Pierre Maguire as a hockey announcer, I think they could find a hobo with speech impediment and it would be more pleasurable to listen to than that blithering idiot.
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    tylrwnzl ,

Would you rather have Don "Hit it in the d___ corner and see what happens" Cherry?
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I absolutely cannot stand all the side stories they do.  show some f's sports.  Don't get me started on what ESPN has turned into.  There's always just talking heads analyzing sports instead of showing them.  How about they shut up and show some Pac-10.
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 its sucks hard I am so glad I get CTV in stowe!!

CTV actually shows an event straight though unlike the jump around on NBC.
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Do ya think they could try and squeeze in a few more commercials???

nbc  SUCKS
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post

 its sucks hard I am so glad I get CTV in stowe!!

CTV actually shows an event straight though unlike the jump around on NBC.

Do you get Sportsnet and TSN as well?  All three networks up here are airing around 18 or so hours of Olympic coverage daily, with different live events on each.  It's awesome being able to flip back and forth between stations to watch different events, live.
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When we were in Niagara falls over the weekend they had 5 different channels broadcasting the Olympics including one in Chinese. I think I watched more Olympics in Chinese than I did NBC. The sad part...the Chinese made more sense to me than the guys on NBC, and I don't speak Chinese.
Originally Posted by exracer View Post

Do you get Sportsnet and TSN as well?  All three networks up here are airing around 18 or so hours of Olympic coverage daily, with different live events on each.  It's awesome being able to flip back and forth between stations to watch different events, live.
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 They hatchet every event possible but they can't bleep the F-bomb when every kid in the country is watching.
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Hours of live curling!!? What a freakin' joke. Curling can be seen in the middle of the night since you can be half asleep and miss nothing. Why don't they just show the last couple stones? And I actually like watching it. Here's the thing though NBC: it's a sideshow!!! USA to NBC: Curling is not the main event at the Olympics! We actually like watching the athletic sports.

NBC has broadcast more curling than any other sport!!??

If this was Canada it would be somewhat less senseless since way more people do curling. (Do you "play" it or what?) This isn't to rag on curling either - I actually like it, but NBC has turned Vancouver 2010 into the Curling Games. With a side dish of Polar Bears. (Wait for the baby seals.)
I think NBC probably spent more time talking about the Olympic Cauldron or whatever it's called then they have about one of the premier events of the games - the downhill.
Men's downhill: time of broadcast: 16 minutes 31seconds
How much more is there to say about that???
That's not even one round of curling. A "sport" you can certainly play while drunk. Why don't they interview curlers about how they get hammered and then go throw stones? Would anyone even care?? No. It would be hilarious. Would a curler have to seek "redemption" like Lindsey Jacobellis and Bode Miller according to the master of idiocy Bob Costas?

NBC's coverage is like some episode of Survivor where they all start killing each other for ratings. All that's left is those stupid dreamworks commercials for some movie depicting "sport the way it might have been..."  What a joke.
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No more than 2 runs in the WDH between commercials, it's like the skiing interrupts their commercials!!! Major disappointment NBC, you suck donkey!!!!
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They definantly suck, the womens dh coverage seemed to be a tad better than the mens but they only showed the top ranking runs and the wrecks. Im guessing theyre just worried about rankings as far as that goes. The curling went on way way way too long, seems to me that showing curling for hours on end would be detrimental to their ratings. Its a real shame they cant get their priorities straight and show what matters.
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I don't know, NBC's all-day coverage of Men's and Women's curling and figure skating has been spot on! 
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Couldn't agree more about the mens downhill coverage.   At the very least, NBC should give Brooker and Ryan some input about what might be of interest to the general public. They are paying them at Universal Sports, so why not use their knowledge?   Brooker understands ski racing, he is from Canada, he knows the hill, and he would avoid the dumb questions asked by the media "professionals" NBC is now using.  Coverage of the women's DH seemed much improved, but still lacking.  The local NBC affiliate actually had more interesting coverage, putting a local "flavor" story into Mancuso, her childish tiara,  technology including wax, etc.  They got some facts wrong, but at least they tried.

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More evidence from around the country that people agree with this.

"NBC Olympics Coverage, Making Sports Fans Hate the Network More Than Ever
by Spencer HallFeb 16, 2010 11:19 AM EST
SB Nation
What, you ask, do you have to do to turn the ire of the sports fan away from perennial flogged horse corpse of ESPN? The answer is "Be NBC," the network whose bizarre programming decisions surrounding the winter games have momentarily surpassed the Worldwide Leader's daily foibles for the Most Hated Nation status among those who, shockingly, would like to watch a single Olympics event live and unmolested by Dreamworks promos or non-sequitur segments on polar bears. 


The worst part is the talent they're squandering on air. Costas, having stolen Dick Clark's Pancreas of Immortality, still runs a broadcast with aplomb. The commentators across the board have been superb. (We have a special place in our hearts for Al Trautwig, who saddled with cross-country skiing sells every second like he's Billy Mays pitching Mighty Putty.) They have good talent. That's not the problem.

The problem is the absentee landlord of NBC itself, a network that last did sports effectively when Ronald Reagan was President and analog was king, and a company whose owners have let the building fall down around their ears. Having just killed Conan O'Brien and following it up with the OlympicFAIL, the only justice would be the whole thing collapsing on them with substantial casualties.



"Pressure Builds On NBC To Explain Why It's Ruining The Olympics"

Henry Blodget | Feb. 17, 2010, 12:22 PM |
Business Insider.com

Inquiring minds want to know why, in the Internet age, when Olympics results are available in real time everywhere, including on NBC's Olympics web site, NBC is refusing to explain its coverage decisions to America.  And as NBC sits in its polished silence, the pressure is building on the network to say something.

Every day, we get emails from Canadians crowing about how awesome their TV coverage is.  Every day, we watch the Twitter stream cursing NBC for its tone-deafness.  Every day we get steamed emails from Americans furious that a greedy corporation is coming between them and their favorite events.

The questions from above author are here:

"Questions For NBC, The Network That Prevents You From Watching The Olympics"

Henry Blodget | Feb. 16, 2010, 9:32 AM

exracer posted a clip from this blog in the "30 min of DH on NBC" thread:

"A word about NBC"
by Barry Svrluga
"Heavy Medal" blog at  washingtonpost.com


But I was stunned -- perhaps naively so -- by what happened next in the broadcast. They started jumping through the competition. They showed Norway's Aksel Lund Svindal, who went eight skiers after Miller, almost immediately. Svindal, of course, topped Miller by two hundredths of a second.

Then -- and this is where it started to get egregious -- they showed Switzerland's Didier Defago, who laid down the eventual gold medal-winning run. The problem: Defago was two skiers after Svindal. The bigger problem: The skier they skipped was Austria's Michael Walchhofer, officially the fastest guy in the pre-event training run, the downhill silver medalist in 2006, and a major contender in this race

By this point, any fan with a real knowledge of skiing back home had to be completely alienated, and had to know something was up. So many storylines were being tossed aside, not the least of which was Canada's Manny Osborne-Paradis, who grew up at Whistler and is third in the World Cup downhill standings. But it continued to get worse. The 20th starter, two after Defago, was Switzerland's Carlo Janka, a rising star on the World Cup circuit who is second in the World Cup downhill standings. Did NBC show him? Nope.


The message: As you sit on your couch for the next two weeks, remind yourself that what you're watching are merely little slices of the Olympics. For most of America, the real Games will never be seen.

One option here:
Originally Posted by 4ster View Post

I encourage everyone to go on Facebook & join "Why does NBC hate ski racing"


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The Weather Channel (an affiliate of NBC) has better coverage, besides watching Stephaie Abrams try her hand at Curling was the best laugh I have had in a month.

TIVO Baby, the only way to fly.  Enjoy your evening and a nice dinner with your family then jump in late start from the beginning and skip the commercials and bs commentary.  Plus I get to watch the gold winners over and over in regular time and in slow motion.  And I don't miss that spectacular wipeout that happened just as I got up to get another beer (or because of the beer).
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Here we go again.....Team Canada hockey puck drop @ 7:30 BUT USA Women's Curling only on the 8th end so there went the 1st period. THEN they add "bonus" curling coverage rather than switch to the hockey game.... Un F'@#*ing believable.....

btw...it must be a reflection of the USA's Curling success so far as the men are 0-4 and the Women 0-3.......sweet
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Incredible! They show so much curling I'm really starting to hate the game. I don't get why they hire dozens of commentators and experts for all these events and then don't let them work.

Let's just rename the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games to the 2010 NBC Curling Fest.

I saw Jeff Zucker on msnbc this morning. He's president of NBC Universal. He was blathering on about how the "preliminary numbers" showed they did really well against American Idol, and had some of the highest ratings ever for winter olympics. Then they asked him a question and he went into some ramble where no one knew what he was talking about. Essentially, he was naming every show that NBC has on air, and trying to make some point about the Olympics. It really was bizarre.

We're a freaking captive audience here! What are you going to do if you want to watch the Olympics? The cold weather and snow that's fallen on most of the country where it's usually warm has definitely increased viewership. It's nothing that NBC is doing, that's for sure!
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37 minutes total - 10 minutes of commercials = 27 minutes of airtime for skiing-related coverage.

Total time of actual race runs shown (sans slow-mo replays): 13:45 or so.

Total skiers shown: 7

I shall say no more, as I'm likely to barf.
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I was spoiled the last 2 winter Olympics because I watched them on the CBC......now it really shows how much NBC's coverage stinks.

At least there's some solace in knowing others feel the same way.  Has there even been a hockey game aired??
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Originally Posted by Twintip View Post

Has there even been a hockey game aired??

Yes, on the NBC cable networks and online.  They broadcast the Canada-Switzerland game tonight, which was covered far better than the skiing.

I can speak to the quality of the coverage of hockey: they either have the NBC NHL crew covering it (they're kinda "meh" to me, and biased against Russia) or the CTV feed and crew covering it (really great commentary, mostly non-biased).
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This from USA Today:
"Time is right to whet appetites with live Olympics"
 By Michael Hiestand, USA TODAY

Quote: (bold added)

The canon, continues: Any live daytime coverage of big action — such as Lindsey Vonn's gold medal downhill run Wednesday afternoon — would diminish what NBC has really paid for, which is the right to show you Olympic action first — no matter when it happened in real life. Once NBC airs footage, it can air on a limited basis on news shows. If NBC had aired Vonn's run live, it likely would have shown up everywhere before it could air on NBC's Wednesday prime time.

But so what? Brief live daytime look-ins would create more Olympic buzz. Viewers, having been whetted by Vonn's run live, might have been more interested in NBC's prime-time coverage, where they could see the rest of the story with full event coverage, interviews and medal presentations.

Wednesday, NBC got a harmonic convergence — six U.S. medals, including golds from stars Vonn, Shaun White and Shani Davis— to become the first show ever to beat Fox's American Idol.

But NBC's Vancouver prime-time average — 14.9% of U.S. households — is up 19% from its 2006 Torino Games. But it is also down 24% from its 2002Salt Lake Winter Games and down 9% from CBS' 1998 Nagano Winter Games, which posed time-zone challenges.

With Olympic TV, it's time to bend a little in going live.


It's amazing that NBC is crowing about beating American Idol. Yeah, it's a big deal, but this is a major, major sporting event that happens only every four years. There's also something for everybody. The thing is they're going to start loosing audience because they're making a mockery of these sporting events. They are presented as if there's only a few people involved. It's a disgrace. The IOC should be sanctioning them except they're too busy counting the cash that NBC paid for the rights to hold the Olympics hostage.
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NBC has caused me irrepairable mental anquish & depression.  Does anyone think I have a law suit?

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 The NBC prime time coverage...I'm not a huge fan, but watching live online is awesome, i get to watch whatever event i want, and any country I want, that is really great. THe only downside is you need to have cable or sattelite from the right provider. IF you fulfill that requirement it's awesome. I've never gotten to watch so much olympics even when going to work and school ;) 
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I have decided to just boycott the remainder of the Olympics. They have turned an international sporting spectacle into hours of jingoistics couch interviews and human intrest back stories interspersed with minutes of pre-recorded event coverage.  Event coverage so phony and lame that you know going in of the 7-8 skiers they show 2 will be American also rans, 3 will medal and the other 3 will be shown for the dramatic crash segment. And then there is the dreamworks promotional schtick.
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 Suck is a understatement. NBC is down right incompetent!  

what is the best online site to watch the races in full???
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Again......DVR and streaming video, along with nordic events. The men's combined was great along with other events.

Just finished watching a very exciting series of Individual Sprints (XC Classic) from yesterday afternoon, just in time to watch the boyz in feathers, lace and sequins get their medals in prime time. It brought a tear to my eye. Ole Bob just indicated there will be the bazillionth Shaun White interview on late night.  Guess I'll just have to miss out on this very important use of the mass media, time, coverage and resources, yet again.
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