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Edge of Never - Pay it Forward

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At this years gathering, the Bears rewarded me with an "Edge of Never" DVD, for my accomplishments in limping and sitting around waiting for my nerve injured foot to recover. It sure wasn't an easy task, and I'm glad my efforts were recognized.

Now that I've already watched the (excellent) movie, I'll follow Cirquerider's suggestion, and make the DVD available to other Bears that want to watch it.

To make this an ongoing share, I'll go ahead and suggest a way of organizing this:

1 - LIST:
Post your name on this thread if you want to receive the DVD. Remember to copy and paste the list of names before you and put your name last.

2 - MAIL: When the person who has the DVD is finished watching, he (or she) contacts the first person on the list by PM to get his (or her) address to mail the movie.

When the first person on the list receives the DVD, he (or she) comes here, deletes his (or her) name from the list and contacts the next person on the list to mail the movie again.

So, let's start the list and keep it going!
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Norhteasterner-I think we may have skied together at the Gathering:)
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Originally Posted by northeasterner View Post

Norhteasterner-I think we may have skied together at the Gathering:)

I'll mail it to you tomorrow Gregg.
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Who is next in line to this DVD?  I've been done for a while but forogt i had it.  PM me your address and I'll send it out.  BTW, this is a very good flick.  My kids weren't very interested in watching it, but I twisted their arms for Family Movie Night and they really enjoyed it even though none of them ski.
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Yes, this is an excellent movie., the book is a good read too. I saw it on Showtime a few weeks ago...
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Oh why not....

PM Sent

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DVD has been sent to KRP8128.
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 Excellent movie.  I was scrolling through Showtime (free for a weekend) and decided to record it.  I have the last 33 minutes recorded and that alone is amazing. 
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