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Watea 84 vs. 94

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Need some help deciding between these two models - each of which can be had for relatively little right now.  This ski will be my one-ski quiver and I'll be skiing exclusively in Colorado (primarily WP and Copper), 50% bumps, 20% groomers and 30% back bowls/trees/similar off piste.  No time to demo.

Have read conflicting reports/reviews/opinions about which is better in the bumps.  Can anyone help push me over the edge one way or another?  Thanks, Matt
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How much do you weigh? How fast do you like to ski?
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6'2", 215.  I'm a good skier (probably level 7-8) and can move along but don't derive a great deal of pleasure from ripping down groomed runs.  What I really enjoy is skiing a good line through the bumps or trees.  Thanks for the response.
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I have the '08/'09 94's in a 186 and can say that they were ok in the bumps, but not great given the 94 mm waist.  The ski is light weight and flexible so it is easy to negotiate tight turns.  I am 6'-2" and 200#.  The skis were very good in soft snow including chop, however, once the snow firmed up they were too flexible and got tossed around a bit.  I didn't know any better until I demoed the Gotama this year.  Needless to say, after 15 days on the Watea's I bought the Gotamas.  I originally bought the Watea's w/o demoing and probably would not have gotten them if I had, since I was looking for an all purpose ski that handled the crud well.  I think they would probably be a good ski for lighter people and/or if you kept them in the soft snow.  If you are spending half the time in the bumps, they still may be a good choice for you.  Good luck.
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Thanks Bear.  Appreciate the comments.
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I have a  brand new Watea 84, 184 in gear swap for sale in case you go this route..

Happy hunting and cheers..
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Thanks.  Saw your post there.  Am really torn between the 84's in 184, which I know is the length that my height/weight dictates, and my desire for the quicker turns of the 176. 
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The 84 is a soft ski and is less than ideal for a bigger skier in any length, IMO.
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Thanks.  After discussions with Finndog, I'll probably pick up a pair of Icelantic Pilgrims instead of the Wateas.
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