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Buying Volkl AC30's - Need advice re length! Please help

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After some demos I've decided that I'm going to purchase the 2010 Volkl AC30's.  However, I'm torn as to whether to buy these in 177 or 184.  I'm an aggressive skiier that primarily enjoys cruising at high speeds on the groomers, but will definitely also hit the moguls and powder (if available) here and there.  I'm an ex instructor, so pretty advanced in technique, especially when cruising/carving...i like to switch it up between carving super large turns and also shorter ones as well...

I'm 6'1'' and 210 lbs.  I tried the AC30's on 177 (wanted to demo the 184s but they didn't have them available).  The 177s felt good, but given that my last skis are pretty old (Volkl Carver pluses - I took a few year hiatus from skiiing), they are 190s...I'm thinking more along the lines of getting the AC30s at 184, but have been hearing that maybe 177s are the better bet.

Most of my skiing is East Coast, with a trip out west here and there.

Any advice is MUCH appreciated.  Thanks.
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It's really just your choice ... as an ex-instructor, you know the pros and cons ... I'd think 177cm would be the more typical choice for your size.
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As an instructor that held out on my 195 Fisher RC4's until about 2002, then finally went out on a shaped 160 RC4 world cup..... Go for the 177.  With the sidescuts you will run as much edge on the snow as you are accustomed as long as the ski is in the same category as you're skiing on.  One of my issues with the so called "new skis back then" was they kept putting me on soft whimpy women's skis which also came out then to demo, so I blamed the short ski rather then the ski.  I'm about 5'5" still ski high end and I'm on a 158 and a 163 and very happy with the shorter length's now. I find the 158 slalom still feels a tiny bit short (it's a contact ST, 2006), but I do have fun it.  It's a peppy ski.  I also skied a 170 Volant Gravity 68 for a year or so during my transition and I really do like the shorter ski now.  They grab, they hold an edge, they have lots of rebound and energy still and you're going to love the new skis turn initiation when you get used to them.  If you haven't kept up with any instructors, you may want to see if you can go out with a current instructor just to get some drills that may place you in a more balanced position on the new skis and get you familiar with leading your turn iniatition from with your inside knee tilting/angling.  There is a small difference in the ski's sweet spot that may take a week or so to get accustomed to.

I'm long winded.  To make it short, if the manufacturer and ski shop really suggest the shorter one is designed for your weight and height, don't be afraid it will ski too short.  They ski (feel), much longer then an old 177 straight ski.
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I'm not an instructor, and it sounds like you all probably know much more about the technical details than I do. 

However, I am almost the exact same size as the original poster... 6'1" and 205lbs, and I can say that I've had the AC30s in size 177 for about a year and a half and I couldn't be more happy.  I personally wouldn't want them any longer, and have in fact recently been wondering if I went too long, but all-in-all they feel just about perfect. 

They are such a fun ski... hope you enjoy them as much as I have whatever size you choose!
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Great, thank you all for your feedback and replys...I may be an experienced skier but I've been out of the game for a while, so I don't really have a feel for these latest generation shaped skis that are wider under foot...i'm still torn between the sizes, i guess I'll just make a gut call on it as I want to have them in hand by the time I head out to Alta/Snowbird next month.

Great community here.  Thanks again!
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