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Advice needed for older Marker SpeedPoint bindings

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I recently purchased a set of 170cm Volkl Vertigo g2 skis at a Play It Again Sports. They were part of a rental pool, and cosmetically they're beat up a bit, but bases looked good, and just wanted to get something my girlfriend could use to ski back here on east coast (she keeps her skis out west) and avoid rentals. She skied them one day at Wintergreen and they were fine, and I skied them another day there myself, again, no problems. They have Marker SpeedPoint M1000 bindings which make it easy for us to switch back and forth and adjust for different boot size (and DIN).

I was looking at them today and noticed a screw on the back binding of one ski was loose, so I went to tighten it down and it seems to be stripped - won't tighten down, but won't fall out either. (See pic) I checked the skis when I bought them and may have missed this, but didn't notice it then, and as mentioned above didn't have any problems the two times we skied with them. The binding seems to be held solid to the ski, but...

We're hoping to ski some more on these between now and the end of the season, and I'd appreciate it if I could get some advice about the best way to correct this loose screw problem and insure the skis are safe. Wondering if there's anything I can do short of taking them into a shop.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Volkl g2 Marker Speedpoint M1000 Binding.jpg
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Two points,

The first series of Speedpoint bindings were recalled. The second series are safe and I use them on one of my powder skis. Look for a black dot next to the Speedpoint logo on the side under the toe. This indicates the series that were not recalled.

Concerning the loose screw, you can use waterproof wood glue to fill the loose hole or you can use epoxy or Guerrilla glue if you don't mind that the screw may become impossible to remove.

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That is one of the four binding screws holding the binding heel on the ski... so it is holding you or your girlfriend on the ski. It is stripped or pulled out, it should be heli-coiled, or you could do the old 'marine-epoxy-and-steel-wool-in-the-tailpipe' trick.
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Wildcat, thx, I did read about the black dot elsewhere, and the bindings do have it, so that's one thing I don't have to worry about.

Whiteroom, appreciate the tip. I'll poke around a bit about using marine epoxy, but unless I end up feeling 100% comfortable with that fix will probably take it into a shop to re-drill. Better safe than sorry.

Appreciate the feedback.
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 have you put pressure on the screw to see if it will bite?  If it's stripped it would usually be fully in the ski and just spinning.  Seeing that it is that exposed makes me think it just hasn't caught a thread
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