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Best tip you've gotten

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I know this thread will see quite a few differing opinions from some who may have a conflict of interest, but what do you think is an appropriate tip for a good half day or all day group lesson from a qualified instructor who did a good, but not life changing job (from a skiing standpoint)? From what I have seen the average cost of a half day group lesson is somewhere around $40-$45 and an all day group lesson around $75-$85. I think most of us know which regular posters are instructors, but if you could also say if you are an instructor it will help me put your answer into context. Also, as a point of interest, if you're willing to disclose, what's the best or most interesting tip you've ever gotten?

Edited name of topic from "Appropriate tip for a group lesson" since I see this has been covered recently.

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Yesterday, in a group lesson, I got a tip of $16 and one great homemade cookie from one student! It doesn't usually get much better than that....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes (instructor)
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Sorry, just saw that this topic is pretty well covered by Sgt21's post a few days ago. Still, it would be interesting to hear what your best or most interesting tips were.
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Ten days all expenses paid in Verbier, 1500 swiss francs and the clients daughter .... a long time ago but still smiling.

Oz :
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"Don't eat raw pork... you'll get tapeworms."
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I worked for the kids' school. There are 3 levels of tipping.

Positive: An average of 5-20 bucks. It does happen, however infrequent.

Neutral: Most of the time, I get what kids have in their pockets- nothing. They all have a bad habit of not carrying cash.

Negative: Kids sometimes forget to bring their equipments and somehow manage to find their way to my class. Most typical are sunglasses. If I can't find spares, I'd buy them a pair (I don't have to, but I do). There goes the 12 bucks. You know, I really want them to ski.

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Peter J, you are the type of instructor that I would want my grandchildren to have. Stay with it,I am still a long way from being a grandfather. You see my youngest son is 19 and my other sons [ 25 & 27 ] also wouldn't qualify for your services.
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On the most part, we don't get tips that often. I'm saying this because I am a fly fishing guide and teacher in the summer, and I get tipped everyday for that. [img]smile.gif[/img] But it does happen, and I don't do to bad. For a normal lesson at the price that you mentioned, I would say 15% to 20%. A really good lesson that did change your world, maybe as much as you feel that gifted pro should get.

As for the most outrageous tip I ever heard of. I've had a few really good ones, but a friend of mine who works with the kids of a person who is somewhat of a celebrity, I won't mention his name, gave that pro a new car as a tip. I don't think it was all just a tip though. It so happens that this pro picked up the kids in the morning and transported them to the mountain in a pretty beat up old Volvo station wagon, and I think that the father was concerned more for the safety of his kids when he went out and bought a brand new Chevy Blazer and gave it to my friend. Not bad, huh? So the motto of the story is to pick up you clients kids in a piece of junk, and maybe you will be driving a new ride by the end of the week. : Unfortunately, I teach adults.-------------Wigs
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When I first read the title of this, I was thinking like Spag.
The best tip I ever got was from my mother:

Never go out with a girl who has hairier legs than you.

...and I never have.


Mother Knows Best.
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"Don't eat yellow snow!"
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Best tip? Two come to mind:

- Keep the pitex side down, and
- skiing is 80% mental and 20% in your head

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6 lessons taught in my life.
2 great tips.

5 year old girl private. started out didn't even want to leave mom and Dad. Wanted to ski with her sister and sister's friend in their private.

By the end of the lesson, when her mom asked if she wanted to do this again, She smiled and was ready to take another "lesson".

We really didn't "work on anything specific" but played follow the leader which allowed me to get her to "move certain ways" that should help her in her long term skiing. And we talked and had fun.. [img]smile.gif[/img]
The experience and smiles were a great tip.

The other tip I got was also not monetary. My student told me I explained things in a way she understood. Several of her friends and another instructor kept telling her to "do this" or "try that" it didn't click. When after talking to her about her other "interests and found out certain things I was able to relate skiing movements to rollerskating or gymnastics that made sense to her.

Thanks for all the hints everyone...
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