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First , let me say " how in the world can a wc boot be this comfortable ? I went into the shop to try on the Lange super banshee but they only had the regular banshee and a pair of Freeride 130s left over . After I tried on the banshee and the freeride 130 , I noticed a pair of sky blue boots and thought " what in the world " . so, I moved on and tried on the volkl agent 130 which is  pretty nice , the dragon 120 which is wider than I remember for some reason . So , im setting down talking with the ski tech about ski boots and  how I would like to stay with tecnica but he quickly informed me that lange makes just as good of a boot . Hit direct words " The lange WC 120 is the best ripping boot I have ever been in " so I asked where is it on the wall ? he told me it was the light blue boot in back on the shelf with the returns . I laughed but tried them on and could not believe they were that comfortable out of the box . I mean the diablo race pro 130 is kinda of comfortable but this boot was like slipper comfortable for me . I figure for 134 bucks and a new boot who cares if its light blue or not . Now I want to spend some money and get a high end zip fit Gara liner but cant find the price anywhere . What would you guys recommend in that wc 120?