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Looking for Demo suggestions for 70/30 ski

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I am looking for a nice 70/30 ski to fill in the gap in my quiver.

Quiver is: 

165 Volkl Racetiger SL racing


185 Dynastar Huge Trouble
185 Praxis Powder

The gap used to be occupied by a  soft snow oriented 50/50 skie (179 K2 PE). I have sicne decided this flavor of 50/50 ski did not meet my needs. I want something more hard snow oriented since I prefer the Huge when its soft. I really don't care for the PE on firm / hard snow groomers at speed nor are not damp enough for my tastes in the crusty stuff off trail.

Skis I have tried that didn't quite fill the gap: 

Dynasar Legend 8000 184. I liked these. But they did seemed like an incremental improvement over the PE but not good enough to justify the change. Also I would want somethign with more top end performance at speed.

Volkl AC50 184. Seemed like a 1 trick pony that being GS turns on hard pack. Not versatile enough. Also I did not like the locked in on edge feel at all times. I like to skid some times.

K2 Xplorer 177. So far seems like a winner. Demoed them in hardpack afte a warm week and they performed well. I am concerned about the cap construction however and the top end performance seemed to be good, not great.

K2 Crossfire 177 (09-10). Liked these even more than the Xplorer. They remind me of the old Nordica topfuel. They seem to have enough perfromance for all around skiing on the front side. But I would ideally want a bit more off trail versatilty. One problem is I cannot source a pair. None of the K2 dealers I have found seem to stock them.

I think what I want is something between the cross and xplorer, the dimension of the xplorer, the construction of the crossfire. I keep hearing about skis that blow both the cross and xplorer away here on epic. Which ones?
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Sultan 85 or Nordica Jet Fuel Ti would certainly be the best starting point that I can think of.

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 Sultan 85 -178 would be good fit for you and in utah it might of gotten the nod over the what I bought which was......

Blizzard 8.7 -  is both more stable and more nimble than the AC50 that I tried. I literally bought the 8.7s on the spot. it can skid round turns but balks at extreme sideways sliding. you bigger than me so the skis should be easier for you to ski. Id try the 174 and the 181 I think the 174 would be enough IMO.
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 If Bob Peters still has the Elan 888's that he listed for 275+shipping, I would suggest them. http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/91699/for-sale-new-elan-888-great-deal
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So I bought a pair of Sultan 85s in a 178. Thanks SJ!

I was worried that these woulld be a bit short after visually inspecting (upturned tail is about the size as an oldschool twin -- think pocket rocket) and hand flexing them (they feel soft) but after my first day on them thet isn't really the case. These skis are very stiff torsionally and 178 feels like a good size to me for my application. 

Typically if the snow is good I will be off trail all day long. This is the ski that I will use for days when I am not feeling up  to that or when the snow isn't that great, and I will still spend a few hours off trail...

I like the feel of the ski -- damp but not toally dead and I think this makes a great addition to the quiver. The sultan impressed with good grip and carving on piste and seems to have good off trail utility for me to mix it up in the trees, moguls, soft crud, etc... Even did a few small drops in the trees. They felt stable and solid.

One other thing I noticed -- I think the factory tune felt off, which was reported here on epic. I will re-tune and update later.
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So the Sultans came with what looks to me like a 0deg base and about .5 degree side edge bevel out of the box. I have them now dialed in to a  1 base and 2 side.
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1 and 2 seems to work great I will post a full review later. These things carve like fiends and have a good snow feel. But are not wide race skis. They have alot more off trail utility than I was expecting to get from a 70/30 or even 50/50 ski. 
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As an owner of a pair of Legend 8000s, it's interesting to hear that the Sultan 85s are a step up in performance.  I'll keep that in mind when the time comes to replace them.
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 It sounds like your impressions of the Sultan 85 is the same as mine.  It's an awesome and very versatile ski.  
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