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2011 Salomon

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Anyone see the new line of Salomon race boots for 2011, or are they staying the same??  Also, wondering if they are bringing race skis into the US next year or not?!?!!!??!?
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boots are basically not avail.  maybe some WC racers, but nothing in 95mm, just the falcon 98mm shape, in a few flexes.

Dont know about skis, but I bet it is similar that racing is dead for salomon.

I think that the group is letting atomic deal with racers, and salomon with freeride/free style.
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The X3 Lab will return as it was this year. Quite a bit lower volume than the Falcons which are fairly generous 98's. The Lab is 95 but a tich roomier in the instep than some other 95's around. Nothing stiffer than a 130 though.

Nothing in skis that I'm aware of.

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