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Blackcomb Glacier 101

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I was going to title this "The Glacier for Gapers," but that would just be rude!

Three years ago, Mark tried to talk me into skiing the Glacier, but I refused. Today, I said "what the heck" and lived to tell the tail.

While most of this would be a no brainer for experts, there are some things that I think intermediates should know. Feel free to add your advice.

1. You CAN do it! The Glacier has its own mystique, but with the exception of one area, its not really that hard!

2. The T BAR: As the bar approaches, do not sit down!!! Hold the poles with your outside hand. Grab the bar with your inside hand. In the unlikely event that you fall off, get off the track and just ski down. No big deal!

3. The HIKE: Not a big deal, but you better be in semi decent shape! You will earn about 2 of your turns on this hike. In warmer weather, don't layer up too much. Its sunny and hot up there. Find the boot prints of other skiers. This is not a good place to make fresh tracks with your boots! [img]smile.gif[/img]

4. You are not going down that cliff! That's the first thing you see after the climb. You don't have to drop in, unless you want to. Keep moving straight ahead.

5. Choose your line. This is the most challenging part of the Glacier. There is one slightly steeper part that is more skied off. The less steep part is bumpier and crudier. If you force your turns, you will probably wipe out, but it won't hurt.

6. The worst is over. But save your energy, because you have a long way to go. The conditions are going to be changing very, very constantly. Eastern skiers will feel right at home with some of the ice. Be prepared, and don't expect everything to feel the same. That's a big part of the experience.

7. Most of the run is pretty wide, so you have a decent margin of error. At the end, there is a long, flat run off.

8. You are covering a good deal of vertical, so don't do this when you are tired. I got to finally play the evil significant other role today. After lunch, even though he was tired, I talked Mark into skiing all the way down to the village. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Apparently you missed the best part of the
Glacier, where you hike from top of the Glacier
express(no need to ride T-bar further). There one can find little bit more challenging terrain.
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Maybe she's saving Spanky's for the grand finale.

Way to go LM
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Go LM...

Don't forget if you want a private lesson grab Roger Systad... he is excellent...
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