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I'm 17 and I want to buy my first pair of skis (I've been using hire skis for a long time now). I've noticed that the hire skis are terrible for everything except on-piste skiing. What I want is a pair of skis that will be good in the terrain park, powder snow, on-piste (so basically everything). The pair I had in mind was the K2 Kung-Fujas, but the only problem is, they have a Rocker, or reverse-camber, tip and tail (albeit a small one). I've never used skis with reverse camber, so I don't know how they feel, but I can imagine the shape does not allow for good on-piste carving. Now the Kung-Fujas's have a camber and a only a small rocker end, which might mean they will be good for on piste and powder snow.

I would like to hear some suggestions, opinions on reverse camber, and hopefully some opinions on the K2 Kung-Fujas.