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I recently bought some unused atomic C:9 beta pulsers on ebay - they were going for only 10 bucks, and i guess it was an impulse purchase. This would be my second pair of atomics. They came with predrilled atomic Device 412 base plates, including the brakes. But, there was no binding. Apparently, these device 412 bindings were recalled, but i figured i could mount another binding on it anyway and 10 dollar skis don't come around very often.

Two Questions:

1. What types of newer bindings (Neox 412...etc) would fit these predrilled holes or mount directly on the plates?

2. Is it possible to redrill and mount something like a salomon S711 bindings on these skis? They're not like my Atomic 7.20s with a flat area for mounting... they have a "B" shape in the are where the binding should be mounted:


3. Any other ideas?
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