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Which Ski?

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 Hey there,

I've been thinking a lot recently about adding a second ski to my single-ski quiver. Currently I'm using the Fischer RC4 World Cup SL (http://www.fischerskis.com/en/products_ski.php5?parent=50443&show=detail&id_product=18850) for racing, general skiing, and teaching. I recently got rid a few old pairs of twin tips because they had lost their edges and were too short. Now to date there is no ski I have had more fun on (racing and all mountain) than my race skis, but they're a little difficult to teach on and they certainly are *interesting* to ski powder filled glades on. 


I'm 16 years of age, 6'2, and approximately 195 lbs. I have very broad shoulders and strong quadriceps (a result of bike racing/ski racing). I also lift weights and I have a very broad upper chest. I'm looking for a ski that will be able to demonstrate a good platform while teaching, but will also be able to ski the whole mountain and allow more flexibility to ski powder. 

Currently I'm looking at the Fischer Watea 94, in the 186 length. Sidecut is 130 - 94 - 118. From reviews I've read and articles the ski looks like a soft ski suited for off-piste powder but is variable enough to allow good edging and skiing on-piste. Since my current pair of race skis is already skinny underfoot, and excellent for carving, I'm looking for something that is a bit on the opposite side of the spectrum. For instance I liked the Head Chip 78, but then realized if I want something all mountain and good for some powder, i might as well get something a bit fatter.

I also liked the Volkl Mantra and Volkl Bridge. 

As far as ski level, I would consider myself a level 9 skier. Although I learned to ski east coast, I have yet to encounter something I cannot ski, and ski at speed or with flow. I am comfortable skiing all terrain; park, pipe, and backcountry I enjoy (although I've given up jibbing, seen too many missing teeth). I am also confident on/in moguls and steep pitches. For this reason I'm looking at a 180-195 length ski that is 90-100mm underfoot; I am confident in my ability to ski it in tighter areas on the mountain and what I need is a ski I can be confident in to respond. As far as cost, the ski should probably be less than $850 with a decent binding (the Watea seemed to be around 650 with bindings at my local shop). 

To summarize, I want a responsive yet moderately flexible ski that is able to ski powder and groomers (only when I'm teaching). I do not want another extremely stiff ski nor do I want to have to constantly maintain these skis as with my race skis.

I appreciate your help in advance,

Thank you.

EDIT: I also checked out the Elan 888, also in 186cm. Any thoughts?

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Elan 888 are good but you might want to check out Blizzards all mountain line up like the Mags 8.7.  Really good skis.
If you decided to get rid of your RC4 SL's PM  me, might want to buy them off you
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